Subject-verb agreement quiz


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Subject-verb agreement quiz

  1. 1. NAME:______________________________YEAR and SECTION:______________________SCORE:__________ Direction: Underline the verb that agrees with its subject. 1. Each of the men (were/was) given ten minutes to speak to the president of the company. 2. Beyond the river (is/are) a dress store and a shoe store. 3. Here (is/are) your notebook and dictionary. 4. Neither of the corporations (has/have) received the necessary state charter yet. 5. My entire supply of checks (was/were) missing. 6. Physics (is/are) taken by many students to complete their science requirement. 7. a natural monopoly (is/are) public utilities. 8. Neither of the unions (has/have) studied the working conditions yet. 9. John Leo ( live, lives) in Green Valley Subdivision. 10. The data (was/were) published by the company. 11. The cost of goods (vary/varies) greatly in the different states. 12. Where (is/are) one of the letters from Brown and Company? 13. Neither of the salesmen (wants/want) to help me. 14. One of the trade marks (has/have) not been registered yet. 15. Five percent of the profits (is/are) to be distributed to the stockholders. 16. Food tests taken on Friday (confirm/confirms) my original diagnosis. 17. Neither the employers nor the union (desire/desires) a strike vote. 18. Neither the size nor the color of the envelopes (are/is) correct. 19. Each of the loans (has/have) been recalled by the bank. 20. The news of the economic decline (has/have) been upsetting. 21. Everyone who bought stocks last year (has/have) hoped to see an increase in their value. 22. The Seattle Times (is/are) sold widely. 23. Neither the rain nor the dropping temperatures (suggest/suggests) good weather over the weekend. 24. One of the children who (play/plays) soccer so very well is sitting on the sidelines. 25. The team (have/has) turned in their uniforms for the season. 26.The Santos family ( is ,/are ) living in the different parts of United States. 27.The dance troupe ( has,/have) arrived in separate buses. 28. I ( studies,/study) at Green Valley Academy. 29.John Leo ( live,/lives) in Green Valley Subdivision. 30.We ( has,/have) a democratic form of government. 31.The world ( observe/observes) Christmas in December. 32. Everyone ( love/loves) cookies. 33. The family ( is/are) vacationing in Boracay this summer. 34. Trees ( is/are) written by Joyce Kilmer. 35. The Merchant of Venice and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (is/are) written by William Shakespeare. 36. Rice ( is/ are ) the staple food for Filipinos. 37.Linguistics ( is /are ) the science of languages. 38.Gymnastics ( include/ includes) tumbling. 39.Jean’s slacks (match/ matches ) her blouse. 40.The remains of the late Rico Yan (was/were) interred in the family mausoleum. 41. The coaches, as well as, together with the players , ( attend/attends) the opening ceremony. 42.The family ( is/are) vacationing in Boracay this summer. 43. Bread and butter (was/were) he asked for . 45. Here (come/comes) Marvin and Julius.
  2. 2. 46. I (go/goes) home after my class. 47. Everything ( is/are) in order. 48. These (is/are) times that try man’s soul. 49. It (hurt/hurts) to say goodbye. 50. Three weeks (is/are) long time to wait for you.