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Teller Cash Recycler for Banks


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Banks facing challenges in their Retail Branch Operations to service the long queues of customers depositing and withdrawing cash. How the Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) can help.

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Teller Cash Recycler for Banks

  1. 1. Teller Cash Recycler for Banks Need Directions to the Finish Line?
  2. 2. Banks feeling the... • Long Queues in Branches • Customers cannot wait long to be served • Expect impeccable Customer Service • Grow revenue stream and product penetration ratio • Improve work environment • Attract more experienced Tellers Heat
  3. 3. Are there solutions that meet the needs & wants of the banks? • Improve daily branch cash operations • Expedite transaction completion, reduce customer wait time and queue • Less counting errors and seamless ‘suspicious’ notes detection • Improve productivity and increase sales • Improve staff morale – better customer service – improve brand identity • Complete Teller’s Cash Handling Freedom possible
  4. 4. Mr. Callistus Chng For details, please download the document ‘Teller Cash Recyclers for Banks 2017’ from