The future of magazines ]


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The future of magazines ]

  2. 2. DO THEY HAVE A FUTURE BOTH AS A PRODUCT AS WELL AS ONLINE?Statistics show that there is a dramatic increase in the populationviewing of media online. This includes such things as magazinesmeaning the sales in a magazine print as a product are decreasing dramatically. Saying this, in general the statistics show that the internet is taken over by such social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. As a result this reduces the popularity ofmagazines. However magazines will never be out of fashion and they will never be ignored as an item. As a consequence magazines will still be purchased.
  3. 3. HOW HAVE AUDIENCE HABITS CHANGED WHEN CONSUMING MEDIA? There has been a dramatic increase in the public where people have been going online to see the latest news instead of purchasing the product in a shop. It has been seen as a waste of time and money. Also another reason isbecause they can just be interested in one aspect of the magazine and by using the internet this gives them quick and reliable results.
  4. 4. HOW ARE AUDIENCE’S HABITS GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY IN WHICH MAGAZINES ARE CONSUMED, PRODUCED, DISTRIBUTED TODAY? Obviously this has had a massive impact on the way the magazines aredistributed and produced. If there has been a decrease in sales figures thenthat means that magazines are getting consumed at a lower rate. However,magazines have a long shelf life so they aren’t a constant demand meaning employers aren’t losing as much money.
  5. 5. WHAT DO AUDIENCES THINK OF MAGAZINES? This is a debatable question because not everyones view point is the same, but the majority of people do like magazines as its a easier way of life for them. They enjoy the fact of picking up something cheap, portable anddetailed to read. Where as some people find if you go on the internet, it takestime and is a waste of money. Baring in mind that some people cant afford to run computers. However it is the new craze that people do use online media as more and more people are using the internet. Also everyone knows that news in the media can sometimes be over exaggerated but it depends what type of article you are reading.
  6. 6. HAVE CIRCULATION FIGURES DROPPED/INCREASED?Since 2002 circulation figures have dramatically dropped by 60%, this is an ongoing procedure as it is dropping every year making the magazine companys make less money. Circulation levels are down to a third and maybe a little more from this year.
  7. 7. WHAT ABOUT THE IMPACT OF ADVERTISING? Advertising has become more diverse, more magazine companys areadvertising online, company’s are trying different techniques to get there brand more familiar with the public this includes adverts on TV and billboards
  8. 8. MY OPINIONin my opinion I believe the future of magazines will still be up and running, I don’t believe people will resort in just using sources from the internet. It might not be as popular as it used to be but it will still carry on.