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Chloe Waretini : Project Portfolio 2012


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Chloe Waretini : Project Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. VIVA WAITAKERE FESTIVAL 2011 chloe waretiniCIVIC ENTREPRENEUR | EXPERIENCE DESIGN & ACTIVATION for 21st century civic participation SUMMARY 01 EXPERTISE 02 SKILLS 03 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE 04 EDUCATION 05 RECOMENDATIONS 06 REFEREES 07 +64 27 696 4968 Skype chloe.waretini IfWeRanTheWorld Linkedin
  2. 2. 01 SUMMARYUp-and-coming civic entrepreneur acting on an emerging and optimistic vision of how localcommunities can be places for 21st Century prosperity and resilience - acting as a powerfulsocial change frontier for global issues. Experience in design disciplines including branding, urbandesign and place-making have inspired an agenda for creative and cultural engagement in urbanrenewal projects - creating entry points for mainstream community participation in proven socialinnovations that are driving transformation such as community agriculture, stream restorationand urban vegetation.Experience across public, private and non-profit sectors gives understanding of how to work inthe space between – finding better ways to work together and achieve common good. Strongadvocate for the role of corporates and brands playing a meaningful role in social good missions,bringing resource and creative strategies to reach larger audiences.Key area of focus and expertise is in designing experiences that both spark public participationand effectively break down cultural barriers to civic engagement, environmental stewardshipand community agency. The objective of this participation is not only about involving communityin solving the problems of our time (such as accessibility of fresh air, water, food) but in doingso fulfilling unmet community needs and from this entry point shifts helping to inspire in ourexpectations, choices and behaviours - relocating our dreams from consumers to citizens again.02 EXPERTISE2.1 STRATEGY FOR SOCIAL IMPACT PROJECTS• Using deep understanding of social and community sectors to think critically and creatively about how social change ideas and innovations can be enacted in the real world• Creating sophisticated approaches for how social change can be achieved on the ground through engagement and civic participation• Designing projects and events that are relevant, inspiring and involving for all stakeholders and audiences, and importantly deliver to the bigger movement• Thoughtful about processes for community-led action that are empowering, capacity and confidence building, and make it easy for collaborators to self-organise and self-sustain.2.2 ACTIVATION FOR COLLABORATIVE ENDEAVOUR• Bringing the big picture vision to life for collaborators with ideas that energise through tactical creativity and flair• Tapping into real world community networks and activating existing social capital; understanding what different collaborator’s interests and motivations are that the project can deliver to and designing tailored approaches that unlock the value in each partner• Managing relationships to keep people engaged, inspired and feeling supported• Community organising and negotiating complexity of collaborative grass-roots projects that catalyse bottom-up movements2.3 CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT FOR BEHAVIOUR-CHANGE• Tapping into local identity and pride in place as a cultural impetus to spark an appetite for participation• Designing genuinely engaging, meaningful and participatory experiences for deep engagement between organisations/brands/missions and their target audiences and stakeholders• Thoughtful about the role of events as entry points for new attitudes and behaviours - cultural interventions that act as the landmark moments of change that combine a tangible sense of accomplishment with fun• Designing events that tangibly link popular culture (e.g. music) with social innovations; to capture people’s hearts and minds and move civic-mindede behaviours from the fringe to the mainstream
  3. 3. 03 SKILLS• Graphic design and visual identity [brand creative and management, promotional materials]• Social media and web-management [using digital platforms for real-world action]• Communication [writing, presenting, listening]• Research [policy, new models, theories and ideas]• Project and event management [budget, leadership and facilitation, evaluation]• Bicultural understanding [maori language and tikanga]04 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE4.1 DESIGN LEAD THE PROJECTS|AUCKLAND [SEPTEMBER 2010-PRESENT]The Projects | Auckland is a start-up communications agency that seeks to achieve‘communication through action’ - creating and executing real-world participatory projectsto catalyse behaviour-change and foster cross-sector collaboration. I collaborated with theStrategic Lead on:• Concepting, branding and executing the Viva Waitakere Festival in 2010 and 2011; a grassroots festival created to perpetuate the identity and values of Waitakere through a combination of Music + Action. My role included: • taking the lead on doing - bringing the vision to life on the ground by designing the experience for festival-goers and the approach for creating participation and engagement, leading up to and on the day of the festival • achieving cross-sector collaboration through tapping into real world community networks and activating existing social capital • pitching to multiple parties for investment and involvement in the festival • working with community organisations to design engagement into their presence at the festival • managing relationships to keep collaborators inspired, feeling supported and ensuring value for money • creating the visual identity and marketing collateral, social media and storytelling • project management including coordination, contracts, budget, compliance, facilitation and evaluation• Concepting project ‘Room to Grow’ - a behaviour- change action to mainstream the local food movement in Auckland; launching the Mayor’s Auckland Eco City vision. This project was pitched to the Auckland Mayor, Deputy Mayor and their officials and led to The Projects | Auckland taking a lead role in the Auckland Food Alliance.• Consulting to Colenso BBDO to inform their pitch for the Auckland Council including writing and delivering a presentation that covered an introduction to the machine that is the Auckland Council, insight into the changing role of local government, what the Big Society initiative in the UK could mean for Auckland and the role of digital democracy in citizen renaissance.• Spearheading the Auckland Food Alliance’s campaign to engage key stakeholders across business, council and community in finding a common agenda towards a new paradigm for Auckland’s food system. This included: • in-depth research into global happenings in food system innovation and the local food movement • devising a Shared Value strategy for renewing Auckland’s food system. This strategy was presented to Chief Planning Officer Dr Roger Blakely and his team developing the 30-year Auckland Spatial Plan, arguing for it to be prioritized in long-term planning as an integral part of realising Auckland’s economic, social, cultural and environmental future.
  4. 4. 04 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE VIVA WAITAKERE FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTED [civic participation, identity-building, cross-sector collaboration, cultural innovation] ISSUE In 2010, with Auckland’s governance being amalgamated into one Council, people in the West were worried that the unique identity and ‘Waitakere Way’ of working would be lost. Within this unique identity was the idea of being an Eco City. Transformational initiatives such as Project Twin Streams were born out of it, and now their future success was threatened without a dedicated local Council who understood their worth. That projects like this were not just about conservation, they tapped into the power of place and built healthy, sustainable and resilient communities around them through a unique community development and creative engagement approach. And in fact, were proven solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time. ACTION The Viva Waitakere Festival was first held in 2010 on the last day of Waitakere City. It was conceived as an opportunity to participate in the legacy of the City, but became something much bigger as it sparked an appetite for broad civic participation and cross-sector collaboration inspired by people’s love for the West. The initial call to action resulted in the involvement of 16 community organisations, 18 businesses, 10 amazing music acts. In 2011 there was a call from the community for it to become an annual event, and supported by the West Local Boards, the 2011 event cemented its place as THE festival for the West. As Waitakere was unique, the festival is too. The 2011 event effectively combined top quality music with Eco City action – engaging festival-goers in planting 1000 trees in the park and repotting 500 seedlings to kickstart a native nursery at a local school. This approach took the ‘Waitakere Way’ of doing things to a new level and invited the rest of Auckland to share in it. IMPACT The Viva Waitakere Festival exists not just to perpetuate the values and identity the West takes pride in, but to act as a vehicle to mainstream participation in urban renewal projects such as stream restoration, community agriculture and urban forests. It aims to do this by using popular culture such as music to engage a new breed of pioneers in Eco City action with fresh talent to bring the energy and young/progressive urbanity the Eco City has to be about going into the future. As well as executing a significant participatory project on the day, in 2012 the festival also intends to bring together the network of Eco City activity that happens over the year into one place to both celebrate and strengthen it through bringing more volunteers to these transformational initiatives. The mission is to increase civic participation in Eco City action in Waitakere to build the social capital necessary for these local solutions to be successfully implemented. The macro outcome we are looking to achieve is a civic-minded community that is bonded by the actions it takes to look after it local environment and each other. VIVA WAITAKERE IN THE NEWS 2010 & 2011 “I started putting the message out there that we were going to do it, and it turned into something much bigger “Viva Waitakere is set to pioneer because there was so much passion a new kind of festival - one that about the West” combines music and action”
  5. 5. 04 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE4.2 DIRECTOR TAIA DESIGN [NOVEMBER 2005-PRESENT]Clients: NZ Historic Places Trust, The U.S. Embassy of Wellington, Inspiring Communities,LIFEWISE, The Auckland Community Development Alliance, Community Waitakere, WAVESTrust, NZ Community Economic Development Network, NZ Federation of Voluntary WelfareOrganisations, The Auckland Communities Foundation, MPHS Community Initiative.Taia Design specialises in the creation of design and communications materials for communityand public organisations. Experience working with these organisations in developing visualidentities and communications materials I have developed an in-depth understanding of theenvironment they work in and their communications challenges and priorities. Most recently Ihave:• Worked with MPHS Community Initiative to create People Pride Place Community News - a print and online bi-monthly publication to communicate their projects, events and grow connection within their community.• Worked with the Community Economic Development Network to manage their website and create a visual identity and promotional materials for their 2011 Conference, including the Social Enterprise Dragon’s Den. I worked closely with the Convenor and other stakeholders to deliver a brand that was fresh, colourful and hit just the right note for their function and positioning as an innovative network at the helm of the social enterprise sector in New Zealand.• Created the visual identity and marketing collateral for the inaugural Neighbours Day Aotearoa campaign, working closely with the marketing and media team to produce a brand that was vibrant, inclusive, engaging and fun. A brand that was clean and modern to attract corporate sponsorship but still retained a grass-roots feel.• Lead the creative for the Elect Penny Hulse Campaign, creating both an official public-facing brand and an internal collaborators brand. Penny represents a new type of politics, not about left or right, but working collectively to find common agendas and projects we can all agree on. The core components of her visual identity - paua and weaving reflected this and emphasised her individuality as an independent candidate. NEIGHBOURS DAY AOTEAROA HIGHLIGHTED [brand and visual identity, civic participation, cause/movement] ISSUE In recent years there has been a dramatic loss of local ‘can-do’ support networks at a neighbourhood level, leaving people such as families with young kids, older folk and new migrants isolated. Neighbours Day is designed as an antidote to this - turning streets into neighbourhoods once again. ACTION Inspired by similar initiatives overseas, Neighbours Day Aotearoa is a campaign of events encouraging people to connect at a street level. In 2011 214 neighbourhoods across NZ officially ‘signed up’ to get involved and over the weekend countless street parties were held, cups of tea shared and over-the-fence relationships developed. IMPACT Neighbours Day Aotearoa is an event that has turned into a movement - working towards building a national culture of neighbourliness. The message was right for the times and taken up by significant corporate sponsors such as Westpac and Burger Wisconsin. It received media coverage from over 40 channels including a slot on TVNZ Breakfast. It is estimated that the message reached over 1 million New Zealanders.
  6. 6. 04 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE4.3 COMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANT ATLAS COMMUNICATIONS [MAY-SEPTEMBER2010]Atlas Communications is a leading creative communications agency specialising in behaviour-change interventions. Major client is Project Twin Streams, an award-winning streamrestoration and community development project in Waitakere City. My work included:• Streambanks and Beyond: The Project Twin Streams Seminar - Programme design and implementation, promotion and marketing collateral, event management, facilitation of presentation creation and delivery• Project Twin Streams Website - Creation of brief for web designer and supervision of design process, content creation including copy-writing and image selection, sitemap and functionality design and project supervision. Design and delivery of social media outputs including Facebook, Twitter, blog, Flickr and Google Maps.• Project Twin Streams Value Case - Supervision of design process and execution for animations by subcontractor, design of Powerpoint presentation, diagrams and illustrations.• Redesign of Atlas Communications website including look/feel, image selection, copy- writing, and functionality. PROJECT TWIN STREAMS HIGHLIGHTED [civic participation, environmental restoration + sustainability, behaviour-change] ISSUE Henderson Creek and its tributaries were identified as presenting hazards to Waitakere resdidents through flooding and contamination. Waitakere City Council was changed with mitigating the flood hazards and restoring the natural waterways running through urban and suburban areas. However they realised that this was not just a infrastructure challenge, but a behaviour-change one and that the objectives of the project could not be achieved without working with the people and communities that reside in the catchments. ACTION Project Twin Streams engaged grassroots community organisations to deliver the stream restoration programme on the ground; brokering participation in the project through working with schools, businesses and community groups to build awareness and importantly ownership of the project’s goals. Through this engagement, and listening to the community, the scope of the project grew to helping households to have a positive effect on the natural environment - leading to initiatives such as building a network of walk/cycleways, installing rainwater tanks in homes and establishing community gardens. An essential tool for the project has been using creative methods to engage people’s hearts and minds in reconnecting with their natural environment. This works not only by by raising awareness of environmental issues, but also engendering a sense of community, belonging and pride in place. IMPACT Over 9 years Project Twin Streams has resulted in more than 40 000 volunteer attendances, engaged over 150 groups and planted close to a million native trees and shrubs - 60% by volunteers. It is anticipated that the community engagement approach will result in a much deeper understanding understanding of the impact of human behaviour on the catchment and accordingly people are much more likely to have a lighter footprint. A key strategy has been to engage through action rather than information. This follows the latest theory on behavioural economics; that people’s behaviour changes through ‘doing’ rather than greater awareness.
  7. 7. 04 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE4.4 INTERN MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT [NOVEMBER 2008-MARCH 2009]Stakeholder awareness and understanding of the Public Transport Management Act, policyrecommendations for enhancing the accessibility of public transport, ministerial briefings oneconomic value of public transport and walking and cycling infrastructure investment.4.5 NZ HISTORIC PLACES TRUST (NZHPT) [NOVEMBER 2006-APRIL 2010]PART-TIME VISITOR HOST OLD ST PAUL’S CATHEDRAL [NOVEMBER 2008-APRIL 2010]Events coordination and liaison, managing merchandising activities, creating marketing andpromotion collateral, volunteer management and training.URBAN DESIGN RESEARCH PROJECT LEAD CENTRAL REGION OFFICE [JUNE-AUGUST 2009]Lead project to determine potential effects on historic heritage in Wellington by theproposed Ngauranga to Airport Transport Strategy; mapping the historic heritage along thetransport corridor to assist planners in preparing for these developments and identifyingareas of risk.PART-TIME RESEARCH ASSISTANT CENTRAL REGION OFFICE [MARCH-NOVEMBER 2009]Assisted lead researcher on proposals and reports; auditing current database informationand verifying and updating technical aspects of the Register of Historic Places using archivalrecords, site visits and software such as Quickmap and Google Earth and Google Streetview.ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT CENTRAL REGION OFFICE [NOVEMBER 2006-MARCH 2008]Day-to-day stakeholder relations, creation of marketing and promotions collateral, eventcoordination, paper and digital information management, assisting with preparation ofevidence for Council and Environment Court hearings, assisting heritage planner on designingand illustrating urban design solutions for development proposals. A FRIEND IN NEED HIGHLIGHTED [identity-building, interactive experience design, storytelling] ISSUE The NZHPT is New Zealand’s foremost heritage protection agency. One of its functions is in heritage tourism for the historic properties it manages. Increasing visitor attendances and income from donations and merchandising is a constant struggle. Old St Paul’s Cathedral has a strong connection with the US Marines who worshipped there during their residence in NZ through the war in the Pacific (1942-44). The NZHPT wanted to tell this story in an engaging way that was relevant to both New Zealand and international audiences. ACTION Developed in partnership with the US Embassy in Wellington and world-renowned exhibition designers Story! Inc, ‘A Friend in Need’ was a ground-breaking move for the NZHPT in terms of experience design. Previously, storytelling was limited to static displays in glass-fronted cabinets, so having an interactive exhibition in the cathedral set a new precedent. To maximise the impact of the exhibition, I was contracted by Old St Paul’s and the US Embassy to design a series of products to complement the exhibition including signage and promotional materials, an education resource for schools, DVD and impact evaluation. IMPACT A Friend in Need and its collateral has become a significant asset to Old St Paul’s. During the year it was on display in the cathedral school visits trippled and revenue from visitors grew significantly. The exhibition has gone on to tour various museums around New Zealand and has revolutionised the approach taken to interpretation and storytelling by the NZHPT. I was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Ambassador for my role in this project.
  8. 8. 04 PROJECTS & EXPERIENCE YOUTH VOICE AT DIGITAL EARTH HIGHLIGHTED [cause/movement, leadership] ISSUE The International Digital Earth Conference was coming to Auckland, but had no allocation for a youth delegation. Since sustainability is a conversation that is future-focussed, we thought it was imperative to enable young New Zealanders to be involved and have a voice at the conference. ACTION As part of my Future Leaders course programme, I was part of a team of five who set out to infiltrate Digital Earth with a youth presence. We ran a selection process which involved delegates submitting their vision for NZ in 2050 and from that brought together 100 young people to attend a 2-day bootcamp prior to the conference to design what they wanted their impact on the conference to be. This lead to a number of actions being executed over the 3-day conference including engaging the media, the production of a short documentary, the creation of a networking website and many more. In recognition of the impact youth had on the conference, we were invited to deliver the closing presentation – asking the final question ‘What are you committed to?’ IMPACT As a result of the Youth Voice project, all Digital Earth conferences now have a subsidised youth delegation. The online LongSong network that was created at the conference later evolved into the Intersect network – NZ’s foremost for young professionals concerned with sustainability.05 EDUCATION5.1 BACHELOR OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE VICTORIA UNIVERSITY [2008-9]Areas of focus: Urban design, civic participation, regenerative urban environmenrts, identity-building and governance, community food production and security5.2 URBAN DESIGN FOUNDATION COURSE NZ PLANNING INSTITUTE [2007]5.3 L3 CERTIFICATE IN TE REO MAORI WAIARIKI POLYTECHNIC [2007]5.4 FUTURE LEADERS NZ SCHOLARSHIP AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY [2005-6]Areas of focus: Collaborative and servant leadership, catalysing sustainability movement forNZ youth5.5 BACHELOR OF DESIGN MASSEY UNIVERSITY [2005-6]Areas of focus: History of design and architecture, role of historic heritage (particularlyindigenous) in NZ identity
  9. 9. 06 RECOMENDATIONS“Having collaborated with Chloe on everything from founding and building from thegrassroots up the Viva Waitakere Festival, to strategising with her to reinvent the AucklandFood System, to successfully pitching social change projects to major corporates, I cansay she is an incredibly smart, ambitions, passionate and multi-talented woman with thepotential to achieve a lot of good for society.To anyone in business, government or community who is pushing the agenda forwardwith socially progressive projects or initiatives Chloe needs to be on your team or, if thatis not possible, somehow you should find a way to collaborate with her. With her depthof knowledge in the social change space and in particular of cutting edge models beenemployed on the ground in NZ and overseas, it is essential she is at the table in any phaseof strategic development. While her expertise on the creative side, critically needed forcapturing the imagination of the masses and the success of any culture and / or behaviourchange initiative, is where Chloe really comes into her own. Bringing together a uniquecombo of the finer skills of design and branding with the hands on passion for activation ofevents / projects / initiatives to be truly participatory and community owned, in this space Idon’t know anyone so skilled at tapping into real world community networks and then usingthe inherent social capital that resides there in order seed ideas and catalyse bottom upmovements.I look forward to seeing where these skills are put to task next. Chloe is a true talent witha skill set for the times, but don’t just take my word for it - look at what she has alreadymanaged to achieve as a leader and entrepreneur.”Tim GregoryFounder - The Projects | Auckland“I have been highly impressed with Chloe’s ability to make stuff happen. She has a terrificintrinsic motivation and a big hearted commitment to community. Add to that exceptionaldesign and organisational skills and you have someone very special. A good example of thiswas the selfless and creative way she pulled together Viva Waitakere with Tim Gregory as thesun went down on Waitakere City Council. It was a great event pulled togetehr in the tightestof tight timeframes. Truly inspiring!”Mark BentleyChief Executive - Auckland Communities Foundation07 REFEREESPenny HulseDeputy Mayor | Auckland CouncilP +64 21 273 4663E penny.hulse@aucklandcouncil.govt.nzMark AllenSenior Advisor Local Boards West | Auckland CouncilP +64 21 378 791E