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Media question 3


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Media question 3

  1. 1. The Production ProcessProducing my magazine would go through a production andpublication process. The main parts of this process are:1. Thinking of ideas for what my magazine will look like, the genre of it, the contents of it and the audience it will be aimed at.2. Research existing products on the market; how they are similar to my media product, how/why they have became successful, who their audience is and what the design/layout of the magazine is.3. Produce flat plans to see what the product is going to look like – can see what works and what doesn’t work to see what changes can be done to improve the magazines design.4. Constructing the product on an industrial size.5. Distributing the product to a mass or niche audience – this depends on the target audience of the magazine. Mine is a mass audience.
  2. 2. PublishingRegarding my magazines target audience to be young peopleinterested in rock music my audience to very similar to magazinessuch as NME and Kerrang! which are distributed to a mass audiencerather than a niche one. Therefore my product would be likely to bedistributed to a wide audience by publishing companies such asBeaur Media Group which similar magazines (Kerrang!) and IPCMedia (NME) of my product’s music genre are published with. Theirproducts are distributed to be mainstream and target a large/wideaudience. With a larger audience these products are to distributedto larger retailers such as WHSmiths, Supermarkets and HMV.
  3. 3. DistributionBeaur Media Group publish Kerrang! Magazine along with Kerrang! Radio andKerrang! TV channel which together publicizes and broadcasts the main rock genretowards their young audience. By having such a vast selection of media thepublisher sufficiently manages to reach Kerrang!’s audience. By knowing themagazines audience well it allows the publishing company to produce productsthey know will sell to their target audience bringing in stronger and higherrevenue. My product is similar to Kerrang! As it follows the conventions of themusic genre and targets a similar audience. During production of my product,Beaur’s tactics into familiarizing and specializing in their magazines audiencewould benefit my magazine massively and would gradually increase the audiencesize of my magazine.I think my magazine could competitor the professional magazines, as although myproduct is intended to appear as a ‘typical’ music magazine I believe it has auniqueness that could be like a breath of fresh air to the magazine industry.
  4. 4. AdvertisementSimilar products to mine such as NME and Kerrang! Magazine areadvertised through TV, Radio and social networking sites such asFacebook and Twitter. Regarding their audience, this is an effectiveway of reaching them as these types of advertising are most popularwith its target audience age and hobbies. This is a way of advertisingto a larger audience as most young people will regularly use thesesites.These advertising strategies would be easy to apply to my product.Using social networking sites directly addresses my target audienceas these are currently the most popular ways of communicating andadvertising online. My magazine could also be advertisedcommercially on TV channels such as Kerrang TV.