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Learnmore Presentation

  2. 2. Before commencing myLearnmore is a useful online first year, I was resource for students, as it apprehensive and knew educates and informs you very little about the skills on how to approach a law necessary for a Law degree.degree. From how to back up But when I came acrossyour argument using sources Learnmore, I became more in the Law Reports to confident and aware of all preparing for exams etc. the useful tips and of what not to do. A handy step by step guide to a successful first year. The Newbies section in I found this site pleasing to particular appeared the eye, easily navigated and beneficial, being a first year it beneficial due to the fact that gave me all the necessary the information provided information on debating, was not overwhelming, but getting the best out of concise and informative. tutorials and remembering cases etc.
  3. 3. NEWBIES• This section provides a ‘new’ student with the necessary information regarding what is on offer at City University for example the opportunity to study abroad and how to make the most of your law degree.• The various subsections highlight the importance of why you should join debating for example or gain work experience. The work experience sub section provides you with a personal account written by students sharing their experience of ‘working life’ in a prestigious law firm.• The key skills subsections in particular raises questions as to whether you are training to become a solicitor or a barrister and the necessary routes to go down. It is also informative in the sense that it informs you of what skills employer’s will be looking for and how to go about gaining them.
  4. 4. NEWBIES CONT. Twitter for Lawyers • Social networking has played a huge part in the interconnectedness of society. Not only is it used for informal purposes but it has become a vital element in the corporate world where opportunities are easily available. • It is a great way of communicating, sharing and expressing your views on a particular topic. • Emily Allbon our law librarian has made it exceptionally approachable for all law students via twitter, who have concerns and questions unanswered to tweet her.
  5. 5. RESEARCH• This is of utmost significance when approaching an essay question whether it be problematic or not. Making sure you thoroughly research by reading Law Reports, authorities etc.• The talking slideshows appear very effective and informative providing you with primary sources for example English Law Reports and secondary sources such as the Criminal law journals. The topic of plagiarism is an essential topic which is thoroughly explained in this section. It highlights it’s importance and consequences.• The Lawbore tour in particular is especially useful as it is an online presentation for first time users covering a variety of aspects on how to use the site; from how to use the forums, electronic journals and databases, City hub and Learnmore.
  6. 6. WRITING Procrastinating? Struggling to begin your first assignment? • This section explores the ways in which you can improve your legal skills, volunteering as a legal journalist. There are also various competitions in which you can enter with a sum of money as a reward. • However this subsection, does not explore thoroughly the ways in which one can approach and begin writing a law essay without an example or model. • Similarly the top tips subsection is very broad in the sense that it will be ‘new’ students viewing this section and will be left with questions unanswered.
  7. 7. MOOTING• As we are aspiring barristers and solicitors the mooting experience holds high importance so we need to know as much as possible in regards to it, which this section of Learnmore provides. As new students to Law, many probably do not know much about mooting, the subsection "what is mooting" gives an easy understandable run down on what it actually entails.• The thought of part taking in a moot can be quit daunting for new students, but Learnmore can assist confidence building with the "top tips" and "mooting basics" as understanding these small but important facts can help a lot. The sub section on example moot problems is also very useful for students as can be used for practice and build confidence within the student, in preparation for a real moot.
  8. 8. EXAMS • Exams play an extremely important role throughout attaining a law degree, this section of Learnmore suggests various important factors to assist us students in performing well. For example; studying in a group, flash cards and eating healthy. The fact there are a number of different helpful pointers instead of just two or three, means that students will find at least one point useful. This also applies to the sub section "revise without getting stressed" something all students including myself appreciate help with.
  9. 9. CAREERS• This section of Learnmore provides detailed information about careers in law. It firstly addresses work experience; discussing various types e.g mini pupillages, volunteering and job shadowing all of which are very useful for students as experience is something we all need. Again the fact that there are a list of various methods is helpful as students can decide which method they would prefere. The depth in which the different sub sections go into e.g "Solicitor V Barrister" is extremely beneficial to us as students as it gives us a more detailed understanding and assists us to make the important decision of what field we plan to take our knowledge of law into.
  10. 10. IMPROVEMENTS• Overall Learnmore is a very useful source for students as it provides essential information that will assist us through our time at City University. Although there are no major flaws with the sight, like anything there is always room for improvement.• Firstly in regards to the "Newbie" section of Learnmore, an account from a previous 1st year would be valued. An account in which the student discusses their experiences from their first year at City, including any useful tips they learnt during the course of the year that would help new students. I believe new students would find this particularly useful because the student would have been in the exact position as them once so would make it easier to relate.• There were many useful points in the "writing" section but in order to improve it, including an essay styled question and answer that is annotated would be useful. The annotations explaining the good and irelevant points of the answer, which would give all students a clearer idea of how to approach essay questions.
  11. 11. IMPROVEMENTS CONT.• As new law students many would not have seen mooting actually taking place before, adding a video of a mooting competition would be of use. This way new students would be able to see how mooting actually works, making it less daunting for them.