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Photography analysis

Photography analysis of band photo shoots.

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Photography analysis

  1. 1. Photography Research <br />Chloe Spears<br />
  2. 2. Band in background, shallow depth of field – the mess and result of a party in front. <br />Shy, serious member constantly<br />framed at the back<br />Use of dull colour background, <br />contrasts with bright coloured props, suggests they are still the heart of the party.<br />Miss en scene – exciting, party animal scene – suggests young, fresh and vibrant band. <br />Front man is still framed in middle shot, his body posture more alarming than the other members. <br />
  3. 3. A continuous colour scheme of costume follows a red, white and black colour pallet, <br />Which connotates the bands serious nature and passion for making music. <br />Closed framing suggests a intense relationship between each member of the band, along with incising the audience into the image. <br />Traditional positioning of front man, positioned further forward in the frame and in the centre, reinforcing his status and positioning amongst the other members, framed in the higher third. <br />
  4. 4. Shot in a studio, with a three point lighting set up.<br />The use of silly string props, suggests a child like – young, party animal and electrifying image. <br />Although the lead female singer maintains<br />a dominant status role within the band, <br />(by being framed centre)<br />She is framed lower than the other members,<br />Which challenges traditional leader singer roles,<br />But reinforces traditional ideologies of<br />Females being less dominant and powerful as men.<br />Brightly coloured costumes create a young, <br />vibrant and exciting image of the band, with the lead female singer wearing binary colours to contrast this. Vibrant colouring also conforms to stereotypical values of independent genre of music. <br />Closed framing suggests an intense, <br />serious perception of the band, reinforcing<br />stereotypes of this genre of music. <br />
  5. 5. Closed framing also suggests an intense<br />Relationship between the band members, along with an impression it intends for the audience.<br />A unusual yellow, black and green colour pallet conjure a different image against others,<br />but suggest the band are young, fresh and serious about music. <br />Shallow depth of field focusing on the front man, reinforces his status within the band<br />Amongst the other members.<br />Traditional front man roles are present by framing him further forward in the frame,<br /> in the centre, with his eye line in the higher third. <br />

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Photography analysis of band photo shoots.


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