Factual Writing: Task 2


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Factual Writing: Task 2

  1. 1. Should factual products contain bias? Bias is when someone is talking about something in a way that relates to them and includes their opinion. For example if someone is talking about football and they support one team while they are talking about this team to another person they are going to make the team look a lot better than any other team because they support that team and are passionate about them there for their opinion comes out in discussions which is bias. Another example would be that all parents are bias so no matter what their child has done they will always take the positives and make their child look better because they believe that their child is better than any other because they are bias towards them. Sometimes being bias towards something will help to create debates and discussions but when people are too bias towards something it can cause people to become upset or angry towards that person this is why you need to be careful where you are being bias towards things. TMZ are an example of bias news reporters. They don’t put across their opinion on everything but they put only negative stories about certain celebrities that they feel negative about. For example Justin Bieber is TMZ’s main target. Everything that they upload onto their site is negative about Justin. They do this because it makes more and more people against him because they feel against him. If you go onto their site the first thing you will see is a bad story about Justin:
  2. 2. Then if you go to their search option and search for Justin Bieber every story you will see is negative:
  3. 3. People go onto this site just to read the negative stories about Justin but this could also attract a bad response. The people who think positive about Justin will respond badly towards the stories because they think that it is unfair towards him for being targeted negatively and no one sees the positive sides to him because they don’t release any positive stories. I think that when it comes to something factual you shouldn’t include anything bias at all. I think that once you start to include people’s opinions then the facts slowly move from been factual to opinion. If the factual information isn’t one hundred percent fact then it isn’t going be helpful to anyone who is looking for the full facts. I think that if you are bias with facts it can cause upset or arguments because people will go against what you are saying and this isn’t what you want when creating something factual, you want people to be able t read the facts and be happy you can also be bias if you include too much of one type of fact for example if you are writing something about a celebrity and you include more negative facts than positive then you are putting across your bias negative opinion to others without stating your opinion. So I think that when you are creating something factual you need to make sure you are putting across a natural opinion so when people read it everyone is happy with it. Some people might think that factual products should contain bias because some topics about history events for example the holocaust. People didn’t want to read about something negative which has happened to the world in a positive way. If you put in something positive about the holocaust it could end up upsetting a lot of people reading which is not what you want as a writer. It is important that you keep it completely factual or bias in a way that you include information that people will want to read. You can be bias it two way. You can be bias towards to good and bad things or you can be bias and only include one half of people opinions. So if you are writing about the holocaust you need to show that what happened was bad, because people will be negative towards the book/magazine/leaflet if you are saying that what happened was right. In an instruction manual or a recipe will have no bias opinion within it at all because it needs to be completely honest or what you are making will go wrong and won’t go how you need it to. If it has bias information in it then you won’t get the end product you are trying to achieve by using the recipe. Recipes and instructions are simple and easy to understand because they need to be completely clear with what they are trying to say because if someone gets it wrong and doesn’t make any sense then people will go against the product which isn’t what the maker wants to achieve.
  4. 4. I think that factual product shouldn’t have any bias in it because then product will start going wrontg and people readinh might not be able to achieve what they are looking for and no one knows who is going to be reading it therefor you need to be careful with what you say, which makes it easier to please everyoine if you just stick to the facts and leave bias opinion out .