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Evaluation in word

  1. 1. Chloe Emberton-EvaluationSlide 1- Foundation Portfolio EvaluationSlide 2- Question 1- ‘In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?’ and Images of Kerrang magazine that I amcomparing my magazine too.Slide 3- Answer to Question 1- Front Cover- In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My magazine cover uses the forms and conventions of another magazine, because mymasthead fills the whole of the top of the magazine page, like Kerrang, and is in a big boldfont, which makes the reader of the magazine instantly be attracted to the title, also, thetitle has an effect on it which makes it look a bit eroded and also makes it match the genreof my magazine, which is indie, which I have picked up from the Kerrang magazine. Themain image on my magazine fills most of the page and stands out which is the same as theKerrang magazine, which also catches the readers eye as they will be attracted to the coverstar and want to find out what the article is about. I have also used the forms andconventions of Kerrang because of the main cover line, as it goes right across the middle ofthe cover in a big bold font, which lets the reader instantly know who it is about and whatthe article will be about.I have developed the forms and conventions of the Kerrang magazine because of the bannerthat runs across the top of the magazine that is advertising 3 different artists, however, Ihave used a banner to advertise to the readers that they can enter a competition and win 2VIP tickets to Leeds festival 2012, which runs across the bottom of the magazine, it also fillsthe dead space that there was before I put it there. On the Kerrang magazine there are 4cover lines that go down the left side of the magazine which are in quite a small font and arequite close together and there is also an image above the cover lines, however, I havedeveloped this form and convention because I chose to do 4 cover lines which do also rundown the left side of my magazine but they are in a much bigger font and are more spacedout which makes them stand out more and a lot clearer.I have challenged the forms and conventions of the Kerrang magazine because on the coverof Kerrang there are two smaller images, one which advertises green day and one whichadvertises a poster special, however, I didn’t use any other images on my front coverbecause I wanted Shannon to be the main topic and I wanted her to stand out a lot morethan what she would’ve done if there were other images of artists on the cover.Slide 4 – Answer to Question 1- Contents PageMy contents page uses the forms and conventions of the Kerrang magazine because I choseto do an Editors comment in the top left corner of the page which I picked up from theKerrang magazine, I chose to do this because I had dead space in the top left so to fill thatspace I thought an editors comment would look ok. I also used the forms and conventions of
  2. 2. Chloe Emberton-Evaluationthe Kerrang magazine because I placed the word ‘contents’ in the top right corner because Ifelt that it would look better like that even though most magazines would put the word‘contents’ in the top right corner so they it would be the first thing that the reader notices,however, I feel that it is still very noticeable and would catch the readers eye.I have developed the forms and conventions of the Kerrang contents page because on theKerrang contents the list of what is in the magazine is going down the right side of themagazine, which I have also done, however, on the Kerrang one the list is quite squished inand everything is very close together, so, to develop this, I let my list go down half of thepage which creates more space around it but still makes it look professional.To challenge the Kerrang magazine I did pick up on the idea of the other photographs goingon the left side of the page, however, I did not arrange the photos in the same way thatthey are on the Kerrang one, as they are lay out neatly in squares, however I placed threephotos, two of Shannon and one of Lucy in a way that they overlapped each other a bit, butso they fit into the space that there was whilst still trying to make it look professional.Slide 5 – Answer to Question 1- Double Page SpreadMy magazine used the forms and conventions of the Kerrang double page spread by placingone large landscape image of Shannon across the two pages, which has been done for theKerrang one as well. This looks effective because it makes Shannon stand out and thewriting lies on top of the image on the right side of the pages.I have developed the Kerrang double page spread because the article on the Kerrang one isvery short so I made mine longer which lets the reader get more of an insight intoShannon’s life and also by having an article that fills a whole page it is filling in dead space.I have challenged the Kerrang double page spread because the Kerrang one has used extraimages of the artist that it is about but I only used one large image because I wanted it tostand out and I also only used one because I used two of Shannon on the contents page so Ididn’t want to over-fill the magazine which images of the same person.Slide 6- Question 2 - How does your media product represent particular social groups?My magazine represents particular social groups because the artists that are included withinthe magazine attract a younger audience, there are a range of artists and bands that areadvertised in my magazine that range from young to middle aged, which will attract mytarget audience which is 16-26, however, people older than that will also read my magazine.The genre of my magazine is indie, therefore, people who listen to indie music, for example,bands like artic monkeys and 30 seconds to Mars will want to buy my magazine becausebands like these are included within my magazine and on my contents page I haveadvertised features and interviews with these bands, so therefore, people who listen tothese types of bands will want to read about the bands and artists as well. Other ways that
  3. 3. Chloe Emberton-Evaluationmy magazine represents an indie audience is through the design of the masthead. ITONE’smasthead has an eroded design yet it still stands out and is easy to read. I think that it issimilar to ‘Kerrang’s’ masthead as the smashed glass style links into the genre of it being arock music magazine. Also I feel that the masthead represents this social group becausethey follow a more laid back cool style which is reflected in ITONE.Slide 7- Question 3 - What kind of media institution might distribute your media productand why?Bauer Media reaches over nineteen million UK adults across multiple media channels.They have more than eighty influential media brands spanning a wide range of interests,including heat, GRAZIA, Closer, FHM, MATCH, Kiss 100, Kerrang and 4Music, because BauerMedia distributes magazines such as Kerrang, I think they will also distribute my magazinebecause my magazine is quite similar to Kerrang so they will then sell my magazine andmore people would buy it as well as the people who already buy Kerrang so therefore BauerMedia would profit off distributing my magazine as well.I think that my magazine could be advertised through TV adverts, because magazines suchas ‘heat’ are advertised on TV and because they are distributed by Bauer Media, I then alsothink that my magazine could be advertised on TV because I agree that Bauer Media woulddistribute my magazine. Also, if my magazine did get distributed by Bauer Media then I thinkthat it will be advertised on the radio as well as a new up-coming music magazine; I think itwill be advertised on radio stations such as FHM, because FHM are also linked in with BauerMedia.Slide 8- Question 4 - Who would be the audience for your media product?My media products target an audience that likes indie music and are aged 16-26. Thegender my magazine targets is mixed like Kerrang and NME, this is supported through thehouse style which is red and black and these colours match both genders, however, mymagazine would not be targeted towards ‘girly girls’. For my target audience research Iconducted a questionnaire and found that 60% girls and 40% boys would like for the genreof the magazine to be mainly indie and rock, therefore, I made my magazine with this inmind, I made my magazine so it was mainly indie but I also included some rock bands on thecontents page to cater for the fans of rock music as well. From my product research I alsofound that most people are attracted to a magazine because of the Cover-star, so to carrythis out I chose an image that would take up most of the magazine and would catchpeople’s eye. I also conducted a focus group to find out what people would like my frontcover, contents page and double page spread to mainly consist of and what genre theywould most like the magazine to consist of, the results are on slides 8, 9, 10 and 11.Slide 12- Question 5 - How did you attract/address your audience?I attracted my audience by including indie bands in my magazine because I know that theaudience of my magazine will listen to indie music so therefore they would buy themagazine as they would want to read about the bands/artists that they are a fan of. I alsoattracted them by using a house style of black and red throughout the magazine, these
  4. 4. Chloe Emberton-Evaluationcolours together are very eye catching and complement each other by making each standout. I addressed my audience by including images within the magazine that use directaddress, by doing this, the reader will think that the artist is looking at them and it will makeit look like the they are talking to them and involving them in the magazine. I alsoattracted/addressed my audience by using the rule of thirds, by doing this it makes thephotograph look more professional and interesting to look at, therefore, the reader of themagazine will want to look at more of the photos inside.Slide 15 – Question 6 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product?Through the process of me constructing my magazine I have learnt about varioustechnologies that helped me to make my magazine, these include; learning how to use aprofessional camera and changing the lighting on it and how to zoom and out so it makesthe photograph look professional. Photoshop was a new thing to me when I had to startdoing my magazine, through the process of using it I feel that I had became better at usingit, for example, cutting out an image from the background that it is originally on and placingit on another background, whilst still trying to make it look professional and not stuck on.Before I started making my magazine I had never used E-Blogger before, but throughout theprocess of making my magazine and the research that I had to conduct before I made it Ihad to upload everything onto E-Blogger. Another technology that I was new to wasSlideShare where I had to upload word documents onto, to be able to put them onto myblog, all of these technologies have been very useful to me throughout the process ofmaking my magazine.Slide 18 – Question 7 - Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it to the full product?During the preliminary task I learnt about how to create a basic magazine and the simpletools to use on Photoshop to be able to construct the magazine. Through making my musicmagazine however I can see that I have progressed in terms of learning how to use a digitalcamera more professionally and having the knowledge of how to make the photographmore appealing to my audience. My knowledge on design and layout has also improvedfrom doing my preliminary task to creating my music magazine because the layout of mymusic magazine has improved a lot more from when I created my Eccles college magazine asmy music magazine looks more professional. Through the progression of going from makingmy Eccles college magazine to making my music magazine I feel that my use of Photoshophas improved as well because the way that I cut images out look more professional on mymusic magazine and the way I have placed everything around on it look more eye catchingthan what my Eccles magazine does. Also, when I constructed my Eccles college magazine Idid not manipulate the photograph, however, for all of the photographs that I have includedwithin my music magazine I have manipulated, by doing this it makes the photographs lookmore eye catching and appealing because you can make the colours brighter, which is whatI did. Completing the preliminary task was a positive thing because it let me have a trail run
  5. 5. Chloe Emberton-Evaluationon how to create a magazine and let me know how difficult it would be to make a successfulmusic magazine, this then made my final magazine all the more successful.