The Greatest In Realtion To locating Whiskies Of The World


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The Greatest In Realtion To locating Whiskies Of The World

  1. 1. Whiskies Of TheWorld { Dram all over the world
  2. 2. Whisky is a drink that is { enjoyed all over the world. Male, Female, Young and Old.World Whisky
  3. 3. Scottish Whisky is the world famous whisky and the one that everyone wants to drink. As the biggest whisky-producing region in Scotland, the Highlands { inevitably boasts a wide variety of the countrys famous malts. As a guide, whiskies produced in the Western Highlands tend to reveal a rounded, dry flavour, with some peatiness, those produced in far north have a notably heathery, spicy, character, deriving both from the local soil and the coastal location of the distilleries, and those originating in the more sheltered Eastern Highlands posses a softer, fruity palateWorld Whisky
  4. 4. Just off Scotlands southwest coast, the tiny island of Islay is home to the smokiest of all Scottish whiskies. Instantly recognisable by their bold, peaty nose - { often described as slightly earthy - and dry, rounded character, Islay malts are the product not only of the water streaming over the rich peat which makes up most of the island, but also of the fresh sea air itself permeated with a light seaweed aroma.World Whisky
  5. 5. Although a relatively small country, the contribution Ireland has made to the tradition of whiskey distilling is vast. A national drink on both sides of the border, ‘Irish is one of the { worlds most distinctive styles. The general absence of peat in the kilning means that there is no smokiness to Irish whiskeys but they are easily identified by their fragrant bouquet, faintly oily palate and smooth, firm body when whisky tasting (which comes from the malt)World Whisky
  6. 6. Taking their inspiration and their love of whisky from the Scottish, the Japanese built their first whisky distillery back in 1923, and still base the malts they produce in the Scottish { tradition - double-distilling in pot stills. Over the years, they have introduced certain innovations of their own however, including maturing their whiskies in rare, slow-growing Japanese oak and, in some cases, in specially charred new oak.World Whisky
  7. 7. Following a classic method of production established in 1884 by Hiram Walker, most Canadian whiskies are blends. The usual practice is to combine more than one { spicy rye whisky with a further 15-20 flavoursome whiskies, and balance the blend with a high strength neutral spirit. As a result, the whiskies are generally light in body, smooth and clean tasting, but full in flavour.World Whisky
  8. 8. Lets all raise a glass to whiskyFor whisky tasting tips visit -