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Task 14 planning photos


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Task 14 planning photos

  1. 1. Create a collage of similarimages from the internet thatyou want on your Front Cover
  2. 2. Photoshoot planInformation Ation PlanThe model for my main Image Name: JessThe models for my sub Images Name: Lucy Name: hollie Name: Hannah Name: chloe Shot type Image 1 ls (eye level) Image 2 Mcu (high) Image 3 Xls (low) Image 4 Bcu (eye level) Image 5 Xls (low) Image 6 Ls (eye level)Costume: What will my models Casual clothes be wearing? Location: where will I do my My house photoshoot?Props: What objects will be in A chair, a flower, a mirror, a house, a tiara, a my photo? phone.