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Types of Sentences


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An elementary review of the 4 types of sentences.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Types of Sentences

  1. 1. I D E N T I F Y I N G S E N T E N C E S B Y P U R P O S E A N D P U N C T U A T I O N . A N E L E M E N T A R Y S C H O O L L E S S O N Types of Sentences
  2. 2. Declarative Sentences  Declarative sentences tell you something.  They are also referred to as statements.  Declarative sentences end with a period (.)  Examples:  I would like to eat a peanut butter sandwich.  My favorite color is green.  I went to the beach this summer.  The girls are going for a walk.  The Eagles play tonight.
  3. 3. Interrogative Sentences  Interrogative sentences ask questions.  They end with a question mark (?)  They usually start with who, what, when, where, why, how, or do  Examples:  Do you want to play kickball at lunch?  Where did you go this summer?  What is your favorite book to read?  How do you like your eggs cooked?  Why did you say that?
  4. 4. Imperative Sentences  Imperative sentences tell you to do something.  They are also called commands.  Imperative sentences usually end with a period (.) but sometimes end with an exclamation mark (!)  Examples:  Put your bookbags in the closet.  Don’t run in the street!  Please take out your math books.  Clean your room.
  5. 5. Exclamatory Sentences  Exclamatory sentences show strong emotion.  They end with an exclamation point (!)  Examples:  That was a great play!  Wow, look at that beautiful rainbow!  I’m so excited!  Get out of here!  I’m so angry I could scream!