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  1. 1. What is distribution?…Distribution is within the dynamic sector of the film industry, working to connect every new filmwith the largest possible audience. Distribution is a competitive business in which films arelaunched and sustained in the market place. It is a vital process within the film industry, withoutit, films wont become well known or find their place in the world. The distributors role is to bringeach film into the market and and to realise its potential. The film industry is completely product-driven meaning it is the films themselves that make us – the consumers – buy tickets. There is anever-ending desire for good stories on screen, but at this current time more than ever, consumersare deciding for themselves what information the want to receive or reject, watch orignore, distribution is the way they decide what they want to go and see, and why. It also allowsthem to see the range of films on offer.20th century fox was formed in 1915 by the theater chain pioneer WilliamFox.This company released the film ‘Taken’. During our research, we found thatthis film is a similar story to ours. We therefore found that the target audiencewould be very similar if not the same. I think this company would be interested inreleasing our film because it is a similar genre and Taken was verysuccessful, therefore this could have the same success.Our film would be looking at a universal audience, it will appeal to people fromall countries. It is not a stereotypically English film, the problem faced in the filmis something that occurs worldwide. Our target age group was 16-24, female andmale, but in any country.
  2. 2. Marketing Strategies, Release Strategies and exhibition optionsIf we had access to similar finances to Taken, we could use various effective techniques to advertiseour film. We could make a good TV advert and broadcast it on popular channels at the time ofpopular programmes that would attract our target audience, we could make big posters, we couldbroadcast an advert on the radio, we could advertise at the cinema, we could do newspaper articlesand interviews of the characters or in magazines or we could also post the trailer on YouTube.However, we would have limited access to funds, therefore, to keep costs down we could get aYouTube channel and advertise our trailer on there, we could still do a low cost newspaper article, wecould advertise on social networking sites such as Twitter and Face book, these would all still beeffective and also relatively cheap.Self DistributionThis is an option we could consider. It has advantages such as :•We would retain all rights to our film•We would have total control in booking theaters around the world. Our film could remain on thedistributors shelf for a long period of time.•Distribution Agreements arequite complex• We would control all of the income made from the film• We would also have control of all the money made from the box office sales. We would not have towait months before getting paidHowever, by self distributing, you may not have a very strong team with specific areas of in-depthexpertise, and it could take longer to earn back the funds that were spent.