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Ancient egypt homework


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Ancient egypt homework

  1. 1. Ancient By Chloe AllenEgypt
  2. 2. Government/ pharaohs Ancient Egypt was ruled by a group of ministers responsible to the king. They helped him make good decisions and keep fit and healthy. Chief minister/ vizier was responsible for administration, justice and taxation. Egypt was divided into provinces each ruled by a government group.
  3. 3. Over taking of the governorsIn 2400 BC the governors became extremely powerful andover took the pharaohs of Egypt. The governors built theirown armies and raised taxes for themselves instead ofpharaohs. The old kingdom was finally brought down whenthe Nile river flooded. In 2150 BC there were several yearsof low flooding causing reduced amount of food, whichdestroyed the power of the kingdom.
  4. 4. Hierarchy Hierarchy is a form of government. Slaves were on the bottom, farmers, soldiers and free people were above them. Scribes, priests and nobles were on the fourth level and the pharaoh on top. This was a way to keep the government organized.
  5. 5. PharaohsPharaohs were the political and religious leaders of Egypt, which meant theymade laws and collected taxes. Taxes was where people would give thepharaoh a little of their belongings. Mostly they would give the pharaoh grain orlivestock. The pharaoh was also the high priest of every temple, because hewas also a religious leader. As the high priest, the pharaoh had to performrituals and supervise the construction of new temples. Pharaohs were thought of as a human form of Horus, one of the mostimportant Ancient Egyptian gods. In the tombs of pharaohs tombs they wereusually shown carrying things or holding things that showed their power. Because women were not valued as much as men, they rarely ruled bythemselves. There was an important and effective system of training the prince to becomepharaoh. He had to train to be an amazing sportsman, and a winning warleader. Pepy the second was on the throne more than any other pharaoh. Hestarted ruling at the age of six, and 94 years later was still ruling Egypt, at theage of 100 years old! Pharaohs had lots of assistance with ruling Egypt, family members,governors and more people! Pharaohs also had their own army and policeforce.