Published on là website về tin tức, dữ liệu, diễn đàn bóng đá của Việt Nam với gần 200.000 thành viên (tính đến tháng 7/2011)

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  1. 1. Project tracking www.bongdaso.com1. OVERVIEW- Lauched in May, 2006 - is a website providing online up-to-the minute soccer information for Vietnamese-speaking soccer fans around the world.- Features: + Live Sc ore service in Vietnamese w ith an easy to navigate interface providing live scores (auto refreshes every 30 seconds) of all the major leagues and matches. + Commentary of 5 leagues in Europe: EPL, Serie A, SPL, Bundesliga and Ligue 1; 2 UEFA Cup: Champio ns League and UEFA Cup; the Euro qualifying and Vietnamese national team competitions. + Providing importan information of the match: Teams lineups, competition history and recent from statistics of the teams, live match statistics (ball possession, numbe r of corners, fouls, off-sides, …). + Live betting odds from the most famous companies: William Hill and Asian Bookie. + Providing forum and chat services, so the fans can find and join the topic they’re interested in. + Providing newest information like: Player transfers, club squads, FIFA country rankings, UEFA club rankings and live football Internet TV. + A huge database since season 2000-2001 with 10000 matches, over 600 clubs detailed information with over ten thousands football players data. + TECHNOLOGY The interface is implemented with the cutting-edge IT technologies such as AJAX and XHTML to give the users the feeling of a live. The heavily - intergrated AJAX technology gives the site it’s unique smooth, non-flicker refreshment of all the screens providing live information every 30 seconds. The XHTML mouse-over technology provide detailed information when over- positioning the mouse.
  2. 2. 2. STATISTICS- Traffic rank: 11,353- 172th of top sites Vietnam.- Compare w ith some website: _____ : _____ : _____ : _____ :
  3. 3. has very busy traffic on the weekends or w hen major matches are played (Champions League, UEFA Cup) with 40-50,000 session a day. On Saturday nights, thousands of users are watching the site continuously from 7pm until 5am Sunday. Bongdaso is also ranked very well on the Google search for “hot” searching phrases like “bongda”. If you search for the word “bong da” on produced more than 2 millions hits and was ranked 3rd . With word “ty le cuoc” or “bang xep hang”, also ranked in top 10. and www.yeuthethao.comInterface Very simple, it’s easy for user The upper part of yeuthethao’s can have an overall view of interface is organized rather things. complicated. It makes viewers feel Menu’s on the left. News, difficult to find information which article,…is in the middle. they want.Searching Bongdaso has searching fuction At this function, yeuthethao has nearly like yeuthethao but only “Total up and forecast”. You can can give information about team, choose 2 club (or national team) in player, stadium, club’s address. a season (or all seasons f rom 1993 to 2007) to compare. After that, yeuthethao will give you information like as manners, goal home, goal away,…It’s very interesting.Rank 11353 127896Programing ASP PHPlanguageDatabase Less than yeuthethao A lagre amount of database.Members 1292 33416Games - 1 win all. (next) - 365 days with football. - M2M.Future plan No information Developing online games, online payment, game cards,… Next, yeuthethao’s going to provide many other sport, not only fooball.TV function Provide 2 famous channels are ESPN and StarSportBrowserUpdates 30s/time ExperimentAccess Computer. Computer and you also access to by mobile wherever, whenever at: http:// wap.yeuthethao.comSMS 8x87 8x40
  4. 4. 3. REVENUE- Football is the number one sport in Vietnam with more than ha lf of the population is under 25 and 80% annual growth fo Internet penetration nation-wide for the 5th consecutive year, the Vietnamese football online community is in the millions.- So, can already utilizes its brand by making money for investors. + Users can send premium charged SMS to get -up-to-the minute football info just like scores, lineups, odds, …This’s the only one real online SMS football service in Vietnam. + Providing prediction games to its member. With the legalization of sport betting in still under f inalization, bongdaso with its big football fans camp can join with sponsors to lauch prediction games on the website and/or by SMS. + Selling banners for advertisers.4. BONGDASO’S GOAL? Bongdaso.c om aims to be the number one address, the most complete,all-in-one online information source of Vietnamese speaking football fans. Furthermore,’s ultimate goal is to build a community portal for footballfans, a truly Web 2.0 site – where the fans can actively contribute to the commonknow ledge database, where they can meet and share with the other, like mindedor professionals in the field.5. BONGDASO’S LOOKING FOR?- Capital to keep the site operatonal and expanding.- Professional management skills to deal with start-up companies and business.- Connections to the national media, sport news agencies and potential partners of the Vietnamese government in providing online betting.
  5. 5. 6. COMPANYGoverning body : Newwave JSC.Address : Room 208, 6th floor, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh urban area, Cau Giay district,Ha Noi.Phone : 04.2510770.Website:,, - Nguyen Tuan Minh (CEO-0913342540) - Nguyen Quynh Mai (0982005998) - Nguyen Ha Hoa - Phung Duc BinhCharter capital: 1 billion vnd THANK you Written by Hung Nguyen Quang May 7 th 2007