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My career

  1. 1. My Career As A LawyerBy: Chi-Yao Nieh
  2. 2. Typical Day• A typical day for a lawyer is this. A lawyer’s job does not have a daily basis.Court cases can go on for weeks and during that time you don’t have time tofocus on other cases. If you do not have a court case currently happeningyou can either work on other client’s cases. If you do not have any othercases which can happen if you are not famous/well-known lawyer thenpretty much it’s kind of like having no job. Although when you have no jobit’s not exactly good. When you do have a client you earn a lot of money. Iflawyers had clients all the time they would earn more money.
  3. 3. Education• Yale: Yale is the top law school in the US. Only 6% of the applicants areaccepted into the school. Yale school is also a good law school because it haswhat is arguably the best library of law books in the country; this helpsbecause it gives students access to some of the bestprinted legal materials.• Harvard: Harvard is the second best law school in the US. Many peoplechoose Harvard over other schools just because of the name even thoughthere are many other better law schools.
  4. 4. Specific Skills• Reading Comprehension: Understanding written material in work-relateddocuments• Writing: Communicating effectively in writing.• Judgement and Decision Making: choosing the best decision by looking atthe pros and cons of each action.• Critical Thinking: Using logic and reason to find strengths and weaknessesof other solutions
  5. 5. Specific Skills(Cont.)• Active Listening: carefully listening to what other people are saying andunderstanding the points they are making.• Speech Clarity: being able to speak clearly for others to clearly understandwhat you are saying.• Problem Sensitivity: being able to tell when something bad is going tohappen and how to avert it.• Written Comprehension: being able to understand written ideas on work-related documents
  6. 6. Useful to society• Lawyers are useful to society because they help people who do not have agood understanding of the law solve legal issues.• They are also useful because sometimes when people are accused of doing acrime but there is not sufficient proof lawyers can often help in a court caseto find out if the person actually committed a crime or not.• They also prove guilty people who have not pleaded guilty are guilty.• Lawyers also help people sue other people or companies.
  7. 7. Why I might enjoy the career• A reason I might enjoy it is that it pays well.• I also could choose to start my own business and not have a boss bossing mearound.• I would also enjoy it because I would get to put bad guys in jail which helpsa lot of other people.• I would also enjoy it because I would not have to drive to work everymorning or even get up early if I start my own business.
  8. 8. Interesting Facts• A good lawyer on average gets paid around $250,000 a year.• A lawyer can either work in a firm(a group of lawyers) or independently.• If you are a lawyer you can act as your own lawyer.• A fact a lot of people don’t know is that lawyers are required to take a ethics testbefore being able to become an actual lawyer.• Each year lawyers are required to serve a certain amount of providing free legalrepresentation to the needy or poor.• A bad thing about being a lawyer is that lawyers have a higher suicide rate thanpeople on other professions.
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