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Email Marketing


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You will come to know how mail marketing works and how we deliver results via our campaigns.

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Email Marketing

  1. 1. • Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email.•  In its broadest sense, every email sent to apotential or current customer could be consideredemail marketing.• Email marketing is used in a number of ways byorganizations and marketers for brand andcustomer loyalty building, acquiring or convertingcustomers, company advertisements, or forcommunicating promotional offers and more.
  2. 2. Types of email marketingTransactional emails• Transactional emails are usually triggered based on acustomer’s action with a company.• The primary purpose of a transactional email is toconvey information regarding the action that triggeredit.• Transactional emails are a golden opportunity toengage customers; to introduce or extend the emailrelationship with customers or subscribers, toanticipate and answer questions or to sell products orservices.
  3. 3. Direct Mail• Direct email involves sending an email solely tocommunicate a promotional message (for example, anannouncement of a special offer or a catalog of products).• Companies usually collect a list of customer or prospectemail addresses to send direct promotional messages to, orthey can also rent a list of email addresses from servicecompanies.
  4. 4. Effectiveness of Email Marketing
  5. 5. Email Marketing Strength• We give you access to their private protected space• Larger influence on long-term relationships andimmediate sales.• When it is done correctly, email marketing can beextremely powerful and effective technique.• Provide a highly targeted and personalizedcommunications that bolsters your brand and builtlasting relationships with your prospects• We do design tweaks which helps you in getting goodresponse.• We do tweaks in subject lines and avoid spam problem.• We execute campaign at the right time to the users whoare online.• We provide service of hosting Landing page on ourserver which helps in lead capturing on real time basis.• We provide complete tracking of campaigns.• We know how to match your ROI.
  6. 6. Characteristics for E-mail Marketing
  7. 7. Design plays a vital role in attracting client..
  8. 8. • Biggest Hurdle - unfortunate problem on the Internet• We Suggest avoiding spam words in subject lines and Using Brand sender name.• Spam Words - Free, Discount Using% sign, Using Special characters @ ! # $ etc.• Don’t Worry:-• Our campaign results in low spam rate.• We execute campaigns on opt-in user base.• We take all major steps to avoid spam problem.
  9. 9. • 1. Your subject line should reflect the email content• The best subject lines tell what is inside. Simply tell your readers what they willread so they can decide whether it’s worth their time.• 2. Introduce yourself• The most convincing thing about an email message should be that it’s from you.From the very beginning your recipient must know that you are a trusted source.• 3. Be visually different• Make your subject stand out visually, for example trying square brackets, [NewBlog Post] Writing Effective Email Subject Lines.• 4. The shorter the better• Try to compress the basis into the most powerful promise possible.• 5. And last one• Test your subject lines so you can repeat what works best
  10. 10. Some catchy Subject Lines which has given boost to campaigncampaign.• For E-commerce –– We’ve got you covered from head to toe– Temperatures Fall, Style Rises– Extended for a day! Get Free shipping through Friday– Save 10% on your next order– Can you afford to ignore this
  11. 11. Subject lines do play a role in delivering mailsto INBOX.Few examples on right.BFSI• Get personal loan withoutguarantor• Get Rs. 3lac heath cover at309pm• Expertise you need. Serviceyou deserve!• It’s more than a name. It’s apromise.• Travel• Order by {Date}, Holidaydelivery guaranteed• Fun-filled vacations starts atRs…. Only• Enjoy 7n/8d vacations at easyEMIs, with {Brand Name}
  12. 12. UserBase• Over 90million users covering whole India.• All opt-in with user preference details.• Data segregation :Industry wise, sector wise, Online buyer, Credit card holders,HNI, working professionals, Frequent flyers, etc.
  13. 13. LocationGenderOccupationAgeTarget Group
  14. 14. 60%metros28%mini-metros12%rest of IndiaLocation
  16. 16. 84%16%GenderMaleFemale
  17. 17. Execution Process
  18. 18. Performance Measurement