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Integrated Marketing Campaign of WestJet


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This presentation is prepared to analyze IMC of WestJet Airlines.

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Integrated Marketing Campaign of WestJet

  1. 1. ANALYSIS OF WESTJET CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN Presented By: Chitwant Tahalyani Class: MBA3/1316 College: Universal Business School, Karjat, Mumbai
  3. 3. • WestJet Airlines Ltd. is a Canadian low-cost carrier • It was founded by Clive Beddoe and partners in 1996 • Journey of WestJet was started with three aircrafts, five destinations and 220 WestJetters • Which turned into giant airline with 9,700 WestJetters who are flying fleets of Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircrafts to more than 88 destinations across the globe. • Westhet is currently operating 425 flights and carrying over 45,000 passengers everyday
  4. 4. • It is considered as a most preferred airline in Canada • They believe in safe, friendly and affordable air travel • Westjet Believes, if you are paying less for your flight that doesn't mean you will get less • There tagline says “OWNERS CARE”. They believe in great hospitality for their travellers
  5. 5. • Westjet has marked their presence at top Waterstones' study of Canada's 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures continuously for four years. • Ranked 3rd in Aon Hewitt's best employers in Canada. • Westjet is recognised as best flight attendants in any flight • By 2016, WestJet will be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES OF THE CAMPAIGN To be heard To make them feel special To create a long lasting impression about their airline As they believe in customer satisfaction the major intention was to give surprise and gifts for what they want Before passenger boards the plane westjet enquired all their wishes and fulfilled the same at destination
  8. 8. STRATEGY AND EXECUTION Studio M was the major executor swipe their boarding passes at a digital kiosk speak to a live actor dressed as Santa Claus They put a kiosk in waiting room A famous actor was talking with the passengers live Westjet tried to find out the likings and wish for the charismas from their passengers
  9. 9. All the stuff which was demanded by the passengers was purchased from best buy and few other retailers Same goodies were packed and delivered to passengers at there destination They used social media: Created videos which went Viral Stewards of Westjet performed Flash mob STRATEGY AND EXECUTION
  10. 10. RESULTS 19 million views on YouTube within five days (Social Presence) news organizations and blogs all over (Unpaid publicity) 67 percent more consumption around WestJet than there was the entire rest of the last month combined. By "consumption," Kontera means how often a term is “seen” online (both text and video), mobile (both text and video) and via social media.
  11. 11. Those who left their gift at airport were given to kids (charity) to whom westjet supports Change in consumer preference, passengers were more willing to fly from westjet as compared to any other airline At mashable article of westjet was shared 1 million times Everyone was a lot happy It was a surprise They truly cared about their passengers RESULTS
  12. 12. Locations where Westjet fly at present
  13. 13. After a viral marketing Westjet engagement score with passengers increased by 150%
  14. 14. As compared to any other airline Westjet’s social presence was very high
  15. 15. In three days from the day video was uploaded number of subscribers was increased 300%
  16. 16. From the day video was uploaded the on the videos were increased by600%
  17. 17. LEARNING AND CONCLUSION You always need a best team to keep your customers happy Hire the passionate personnel who personally feel they are the owner of the company not the employees Be creative while presenting Always listen to the customers Social media can give help a company to reach at top Be interactive Always ask questions for better understanding Provide the best you can
  18. 18. THANK YOU !