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We provide best Internship for ECE in CCNA at kaashiv Infotech

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Internship in-chennai-for-ece-in-ccna

  1. 1. INTERNSHIP TRAINING FOR ECE Kaashiv infotech provides internship training for BE(CSE/EEE/ECE/E&I/MECHANICAL/ CIVIL/MECHATRONICS/AERONAUTICAL), B.Tech(IT), B.Sc(CSE/IT), and B.C.A Candidates WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN US ?  1. Internships can help students to identify career paths.  2. Internships allow students to know whether or not a career fits with their passion and interest.  3. Competition is high- In a global job market, competition would be quite sheer, so obtaining a real world work experience such as an internship or coop can allow a student to become a more qualified candidate.  4. Internships can build connections within a career field- Through interning students can build their professional network which can be invaluable in today’s job search. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers(NACE) 2008 Experiential Education Survey, employers reported hiring 70% of their interns.
  2. 2. KAASHIV INFOTECH INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM - 2012/2013 ?  1. Internship program aims to widen the student's perspective by providing an exposure to real use of technologies as expert.  2. The Program is the most effective aid in enabling our interns to relate technical theory to practice.  3. During the internship,the students will have the opportunity to participate in the dynamic technical environment.  4. To enhance awareness and interest in high quality academic research among young Engineering, Management Sciences and Humanities students through a goal oriented career, Kaashiv Infotech is providing Internship in Chennai. WHY INTERNSHIP IS IMPORTANT AT KAASHIV INFOTECH ? Our internship program enables interns to work on live technical and business projects which are running on Australia, Canada and India. The projects range from application development to business consulting, in practices that include Corporate Planning, Education & Research Enterprise Solutions, and Infosys Labs, the research and innovation group. DAY 1-5 INTERNSHIP SCHEDULE Day 1: Web Application Designing - Training into Web Designing World/ADO.Net Coding,SQL Table Creation Day 2: Project Documentation - Business Analysis Roles and Responsibilities, Live Project Document Preparation Guidance
  3. 3. Day 3: Live Inhouse Application Development - Naming Standards, Design Standards, Forms Designing, Table Creation Day 4: Windows ADO.NET Application Development - Live Application Design / ADO.Net Integration / Coding Architectures Day 5: Template Designing - Live Template Designing, CSS Integration, Live Migration Activities DAY 1-10 INTERNSHIP SCHEDULE DAY 1-10 INTERNSHIP SCHEDULE Day 1: Web Application Designing - Training into Web Designing World/ADO.Net Coding,SQL Table Creation Day 2: Web Application Designing in Java Day 3 & Day 4: Project Documentation - Business Analysis Roles and Responsibilities, Live Project Document Preparation Guidance Day 5: Windows ADO.NET Application Development Day 6 & Day 7: Live Application Design / ADO.Net Integration Coding Architectures Day 8: Template Designing - Live Template Designing Day 9 & Day 10: CSS Integration, Live Migration Activities
  4. 4. WHO CAN APPLY Download MBA and All Engineering Branches and Management degree students are eligible to apply.(Students Pursuing Engineering degree courses (ECE/EEE/CSE/IT/ICE) at the end of third year, Freshers who have completed engineering degree courses and awaiting employement can also undergo thistraining, Students pursuing diploma courses(EEE/ECE/CSE)at the end of third Year freshers who have completed diploma courses and awaiting employement can also undergo this training). WHO TRAINS YOU All of you shall be trained by KaaShivinfotech MD on live who got award Microsoft Most Valubale Person (MVP) award and experienced more than 10 years in IT field DotNet expert, Testing expert. WHAT WILL YOU GAIN FROM US 1. Our internship is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an industry of your interest. 2. It provides the intern with the chance to learn the complete mechanics of a particular field, and determine whether or not this industry is of interest to them. 3. We will help you to fill knowledge between school or university and the professional world. Oftentimes students fail to realize the realities of the working world, and an internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the complexities of the professional world – from the office politics to coping with the long hours and difficult bosses. 4. To discover whether this industry is suited to their interests and qualifications, or if they feel uneasy about embarking on a career within this field. 5. This experience will also enhance your self-confidence and inspire you to become successful, particularly if you are set up with a motivating and encouraging mentor who is able to teach you many things. 6. It is also an excellent opportunity to obtain professional references before embarking on your career.
  5. 5. WHAT WE OFFER YOU 1. Networks & Networking 2. Dot Net & Microsoft Technologies (ASP, ASPX, VB etc) 3. Linux & Red Hat 4. Silver Light 5. WPF 6. CCNA 7. Oracle 8. Java 9. Android & iOS live demo PARTICIPATING DEPARTMENTS 1. Computer Science & Engineering 2. Engineering Design 3. Electrical Engineering 4. Physics 5. Chemistry 6. Mathematics 7. Humanities & Social Sciences 8. Management Studies. 9. Bio Technology. LOCATION KAASHIV INFO TECH Shivanantha Building, X41, 5th Floor,2nd Avenue, (Near Ayyappan Temple) Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040
  6. 6. DURATION 5 Days to 10 Months [Based on student requests] (Fees may differ based on the durations ) HOW TO APPLY Send Us Your Request Email To ,, TRAINING PROGRAMS AT A GLANCE 1. Internship Training 2. Internship 3. Industrial Visit CONTACT DETAILS Venkat (9840678906) and Arun (9003718877) - Email ID: , Links  Internship for CSE  Internship for IT  Internship for ECE  Internship for EEE  Internship for EIE  Internship for MECHANICAL  Internship for CIVIL  Internship for AERONAUTICAL  Internship for MECHATRONICS  Internship for MCA
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