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Savio Health - Capabilities


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Savio Health Group Consulting Capabilities

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Savio Health - Capabilities

  1. 1. SAVIO Health Solutions 4003 Limestone Road Wilmington, DE 19808 (302) 897-6319/ (302) 543-5968 Savio Health Solutions is a Life Sciences market research consulting and data analysis company, specializing in providing services and solutions that meet the needs of your company. The Life Sciences consulting services of Savio Health are provided via either long-term on-site support, short-term support for specific needs, or on a project basis. In the latter case, the management of the entire project can be performed by Savio Health. Specific aims include: Provide state-of-the-art research design and data analysis for research • investigators Educate research scientists about the availability and use of biostatistical • support and methodology to enhance their research Provide research scientists with hands-on training in data management • practices, design and analysis procedures Develop leading-edge analysis methods and software for application to • research datasets We achieve these aims by: Offering clinical investigators access to bio-statistical consultation during • proposal development Providing direct support for data analysis, interpretation and manuscript • writing Offering workshops and individualized, project-specific training in the use of • statistical methods and software SAVIO HEALTH SOLUTION Page 1
  2. 2. DATA ANALYSIS & REPORTING SERVICES Statistical Support: ESSENTIAL FUNCTION SUPPORT • Provide/lead primary statistical input for clinical study design. o Design alternatives Protocol input Sample size calculations Randomization processes and schemes CRF/database design and review Provide/lead analysis planning for clinical studies. o Provide/lead statistical input to clinical study reports. o Provide statistical support to other disciplines (Non-clinical) related to o clinical statistics. o Work with team on protocol design and writes statistics section of protocols. o Write analytical plan and leads detailed analysis planning; participate in other trial setup activities. o Assist in clinical development planning for new drug indications. o Provide statistical consulting and support to other disciplines related to clinical statistics. ANALYTICAL SUPPORT • Analyze and interprets data; writes statistical methods section for clinical o study reports. Blinded review of protocol violations Analysis, table, listing and graph production Classification of patients/subjects into analysis datasets Independent QC through double programming and peer review Pharmacokinetics Support; Design and analysis of PK data, Non-mem o modeling, PK parameter estimation. Medical Writing and Reporting Complete medical articles prepared for peer-reviewed journals • Review articles • Brochures, slide sets • Presentation Formatting and preparation • Statistical Reports • Integrated Clinical and Statistical Reports • Conference Poster Preparation • SAVIO HEALTH SOLUTION Page 2