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My school


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about my school

Published in: Education
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My school

  1. 1. Global Forum November 7-10, 2011 | Washington, D.C. Virtual Classroom Tour - VCT Partners in Learning Global Forum
  2. 2. This is my school location
  3. 3. Out look
  4. 5. We Started our journey of ICT with one P.C in AUG-2008
  5. 6. Sh……… Children at work Now after two years we have three desktops.
  6. 7. Children Handling Projector , to teach peers 3laptops
  7. 8. With a projector
  8. 9. For above average students assign projects and they use computer tools for learning for peer teaching.
  9. 10. With Elementary Director Thiru Devarajan For their Best performance in Using ICT in Education.
  10. 11. With head teacher Gayathri devi and colleagues Pramila(Maths),Ganapragasam(Science),Mahalakshmi(Primary) are cooperative .They were impressed by me and they too completed the 12 days training given by Microsoft partners in learning. Pramila(Maths), Ganapragasam(Science), Mahalakshmi(Primary) Gayathri devi Head teacher
  11. 12. We don’t have any separate period for computer. I train my children in evening and in the afternoon break. Because of my perseverance and confidence my children learnt well and rose up to the level that they create their own ppt to teach their peers. A clipping from a local language weekly.about my students work through ICT
  12. 13. What I was… What I am…