Visa ad analysis


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Visa ad analysis

  1. 1. The Visa Platinium Adwhich is placed in GraziaMagazine.
  2. 2.  Geographic United Arab Emirates Demographics Working Males and Females ranging from ages 30-50 MHI AED 30,000 +, Upper Class Society Psychographics Need always the best quality of benefit for themselves. They enjoy a luxurious lifestyle They demand continuous satisfaction and rewards
  3. 3. • Is it the right medium/vehicle to address this TG? Why?Yes, I do think that Grazia Magazine which is loaded with Fashion & Celebrity latest news is widely read by upper class business people who can be attracted to the Visa Platinum Advertisement which conveys luxury.• Where else (in which medium) could this ad be effective or more effective? However, if the ad was placed in a medium where both genders can view the Ad it would be definitely in aid since men are the ones that are most interested and responsible for financial issues.