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Kaya Skin Clinic Case Study - iON Wellness Solution


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Businesses these days prefer to manage critical processes centrally. For businesses running many outlets, maintaining quality becomes the main concern. To achieve this, Kaya had to first deploy a common system which would centralize clients servicing processes directly.

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Kaya Skin Clinic Case Study - iON Wellness Solution

  1. 1. Client ExperienceKaya Skin ClinicKaya facelifts clinics with centralizedserviceThe BusinessProfile: Prominent brand of wellness clinic chain in India, Knowing clients from miles awayBangladesh and Middle East With inventory in order, the focus shifted to client relationships,Product range: Skin specialties and alternative treatments with wherein Kaya started sharing new schemes and programs with itsfocus on beauty clients. Irrespective of the clinic location, Kaya is able to track theOperations: 100 plus clinics preferences of each client and share information on new schemes and programs with them.Situation Using CRM Kaya could track how regular clients are responding to itsBusiness issues new schemes and campaigns. Client preferences and appointmentsMaintaining Standards: Growing number of clinicsn captured on the dashboard would permit the head office gauge,n clients: Manage busy clients and fulfill expectationChoosy from miles away, customers’ response to services offered by clinics. of personalized services This, in turn, would help it centrally plan inventory and availabilityMerchandize: Manage in-house product inventoryn of therapists in a better way, without clinics having to do so in isolation.IT roots No more queuesDecentralized ITnAdministrative system not connected with appointmentsn With a growing customer base, congestion in some of the clinicsReplenishing inventory by offline coordinationn became a deterrent for busy clients who would like to make appointments in advance and easily reschedule them withoutThe IT as a Service way putting up with a long queue, which could now be managed centrally through the appointment scheduling module. ThisIT Hub however, required stringent quality controls to avoid deviations.Businesses these days prefer to manage critical processes centrally. Appointments and preferences were tracked centrally, while eachFor businesses running many outlets, maintaining quality becomes clinic served those locally.the main concern. To achieve this, Kaya had to first deploy a Furthermore, the solution was extended to mobile services whereincommon system which would centralize clients servicing processes clients could share their feedback on service consumed anddirectly. This would include training to the clinic staff and use of products bought from Kaya.common apparatus for treatment.A centralized requisition system deployed enabled clinics to log intheir requirement. The system provided the head office a dashboardgiving details of status of daily deployment activities. TM kaya skin clinic
  2. 2. Client Experience To summarize Centralization for common quality n nprocesses tracked centrally Local n treated in personalized way using CRM Client n could provide quick feedback on the products and services through their mobile Clients Relevant part of the software Wellness Management System CRM Appointment booking n Workforce Management Appoint scheduling n Inventory management n nof Sale (PoS) PointBottom line: Brand demands common standards and centralized system“The iON Wellness Solution has helped us leverage technology to gain insights into hitherto hiddenaspects of our business. We have already achieved efficiencies in several business processes and havebeen able to implement critical business infrastructures. With more technology enablement on theway, we are excited about leveraging the Wellness Solution in the future.” Ajay Pahwa Chief Executive Officer, Kaya Skin Clinic
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