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Hey guys. I wanted to create a video to give you an idea of what’s coming in a new tool
that I’m developing with a partner, Josh Spaulding. You may have heard of him before.

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Keyword canine

  1. 1. Keyword CanineHey guys. I wanted to create a video to give you an idea of what’s coming in a new toolthat I’m developing with a partner, Josh Spaulding. You may have heard of him before.He’s a pretty well-known article marketer and I’ve emailed you about some of hisproducts in the past that I like.Well, he sent me an email with an awesome idea for how to analyze keywords forcompetitiveness in Google and so I immediately got to work and we startedcollaborating to build this tool, with our groovy, little dog we havethere. What this tool does is it takes keyword analysis and makes it so simple and easyfor anyone to do and it does more than just that.But first, let me demonstrate that aspect of Keyword Canine. Let’s say we want to seehow competitive “used cars in New York City” is. All right? Just throw that out. It goesthrough showing you our cool little animation of a sniffing dog and gathers a bunch ofdata on those keywords and the sites that are ranking for them in Google, for yourcountry.Now keep in mind that Keyword Canine doesn’t only work for the United States. It’sset up to work for any country supported by Google. So whether you’re searchingGermany or France or any other country that Google supports, it will show you resultsfor all those countries.So you see, that was really quick and here we are. It shows immediately. Right here youcan see it has ranked this set of keywords as moderately difficult, 41 out of 100 percentdifficulty. It gives us some information about the keywords. Yes, it’s a local searchbecause it’s for a specific city. One hundred and fifty million results, 1.2 million quoted,average page rank 3.3. Average page links, that is the number of links going into theranking pages, 2000. Average site links, that is the number of links going into the entiresite, 156,000 per result and the lowest, page links and site links.It also gives you some advertising data from AdWords, the number of searches locallymeaning in the country to global number of searches per month, the CPC and theadvertiser competition. So then you can scroll down and see the details for each of theranking sites and it also highlights authority sites so you can see just how manyauthority sites are in the rankings right now, which gives you a better idea of howdifficult it is to rank for the keywords.So let’s run another set. This time, let’s say we want to search say something I’vesearched before. Epson Stylus printers, there we go. Let’s run that. Again, gathers upthe data while you watch the cool, little sniffing dog and a few seconds later, bam, herewe go. Again, you’ve got all this data on the value of these keywords, how difficult theyare, the searches, et cetera and all the details. I’m going to be adding even moreadvanced features such as anchor text analysis in here but I wanted to show you the 1
  2. 2. tool as it stands now to give you an idea of what’s coming because I really want yourfeedback. I always like to get an advance of releasing a new product, what you think,what you would like to see, what you think should be different and that sort of thing.So that’s the basic competition analysis. Just with a few keywords, you can easily getdata in a snapshot of how difficult it’s going to be to rank for any set of keywords butthat is not the only thing that Keyword Canine does. Let’s say that you don’t know howdifficult it’s going to be to rank for any set of keywords. You don’t know what you’relooking for. Well, we’ve got a Niche Discovery Tool. You see, I’ve developed a databaseof tens of millions of keywords that Keyword Canine is chomping on right now to findniches that are right for the picking and it has just started yesterday. I just turned thatportion of the system on yesterday, last night actually, late last night; and it has alreadyfound 416 sets of keywords that have value, that are worth looking at and you can see aquick snapshot.The green ones are considered easy or very easy and you can get all the details, thenumber of results, quoted results, average page rank, average site links, lowest sitelinks, the local traffic, the global traffic and the cost per click in AdWords right at aglance and you can see this one is hard. This one is moderate but there are a lot ofeasy ones in here, a lot of easy ones with real value, with searches and AdWords bidsthat look healthy for good AdSense income, that kind of thing.But it’s better than just that. It’s not just a flat list. You can filter that list to get specifickeywords that match criteria that you’re interested in. Let’s say that we want to look forkeywords that have a minimum of 1000 local searches a month and are easy to rankfor. You can hit that filter and there you go. We got Greensheet, Houston, about 19,2400 local searches. It looks like it’s going to be really easy to rank for and you can clickon it and get the details. This is very easy, 10 out of 100, very, very easy to rank for.So right away, you can build a site to rank for that and start earning some income off ofit, not that I have any idea what a Greensheet is but if you know what that is or you canbuild a site on that, well then hey, great. That’s wonderful. Here we go, dual monitorbackgrounds. That has bids. All kinds of stuff here, Pokemon Natures. Twenty-seventhousand searches a month at $1.29 and it’s easy to rank for. Not a whole lot ofcompetition going on here.So that’s serious traffic for an easy set of keywords. Wooden fence, $2 a click, 1600local searches, 3600 global searches. Spring flowers, 14,800 searches at $1.25 and it’sconsidered easy, on the low end of easy too to rank for. So things like that, very, verysimple but also let’s say you want to sort differently. Let’s sort by descending order ofthe cost per click and see what we’ve got going on your filter.Whoa, look at that, $58.25 a click for “car donation Michigan”. Not a whole lot ofsearches but hey, with that kind of price, you’re talking about some high conversionvalue here. Imprint pen, same thing, $51 a click. Construction Book Express, $15 a 2
  3. 3. click. Premier Four Laminator, $11 a click. So we’re talking about some high valuekeywords that are really easy to rank for.Look at this. It’s very easy, very easy to rank for. Almost no competition really going onhere. So that can spur some ideas on other things you can search for too. Very highvalues. Label dispenser, 720 local searches, 1300 global, $9.71 a click. Very easy torank for, not a lot of difficulty there.So the Niche Discovery Tool really helps you to find keywords that you can breakinto and build sites around. Now I just turned this on last night and since last night, ithas already found 416 sets of keywords that are valuable, that you might want to targetand you’re going to be able to search the last 30 days of the niches that are discovered.So you’re talking about thousands and thousands of new niches discovered everymonth that you’re going to be able to filter and search for and see that you can startaiming and targeting your sites to rank for. It’s incredibly powerful. I love this part of thetool and I think it’s going to really help a lot of marketers who are trying to find goodkeywords to break into because sometimes you get the mistake and notion thateverything has already been ranked for that’s worth ranking for, that there aren’t anyeasy keywords left to have value and you can see from this list, that’s just not the case.But you have to be able to find them and for you as an individual to pour through thethousands or millions of keywords and analyze them, even manually typing them intothis tool with – as easy as it makes it. To analyze all those keywords would just be soincredibly time-consuming so Keyword Canine is constantly working. The server ispounding away in processing these keywords and analyzing them and presenting youwith the list of all the good ones and that’s really the power and ease of this tool. But ifyou do know what you want to look for already, well hey, there you go. Analyze yourkeywords. You already have something in mind, analyze it and the stuff that appears inthe niche list is only stuff that Keyword Canine has found from our own database. Wedo not take any of the keywords that you enter in the analysis form and put them inhere.So don’t worry. Any secret keywords you have found that are fantastic that KeywordCanine has analyzed for you, we’re not going to reveal that to anyone else. The onlystuff that appears in here is what Keyword Canine finds based on the database that wealready have.So you don’t have to worry about that. Your privacy is definitely of the utmostimportance to us. So that’s where we are right now. The one big addition that I expect toget in here in the next week or two is being able to click through and get an anchor textreport that will tell you the anchor text breakdown of all the links that are aimed at thesesites. So you can see just how well-optimized they are for the keywords in question.Please leave a comment. Let me know what you think. I definitely want your feedback,anything you want to see, any changes you would like to see, any additions you think 3
  4. 4. would be useful. One other thing I want to tell you, the niches it’s finding right now are inthe USA market but Keyword Canine, the server is pounding away again building aGerman and a French keyword database. So we will also have the Niche DiscoveryTool supporting at least the United States, Germany and France before it’s all over with.So that way, you can find niche markets to break into in the foreign language marketsthat interest you. But definitely let me know. If you’re involved in other foreign languagemarkets, let me know. If there’s enough demand for other markets, I will see what I cando about getting those put into the system before the launch as well. So please postyour questions and your thoughts and I appreciate you taking the time.Thanks, Keyword Canine 4