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Pest Control Service Module


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This is a Module designed to be work in Tally.ERP9 for the customers providing Pest Control Services. Module handles cash basis accounting system in Tally and Mercantile Basis System for Book Keeping both simultaneously.

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Pest Control Service Module

  1. 1. Cash Basis Accounting System In Tally.ERP9 “A vertical for Pest Control Service Providers”
  2. 2. Single Entry Check Day-to-DayCredit Double Entry Petty Cash Debit Numeric Financial Posting Cash Book Purchase Book Sales Book Bank Book Deposit Slip Bookkeeping Interest Welcome to the World of Tally
  3. 3. Business Scenario • Important profession's like yours may demand to practice Cash Basis Accounting. • For which you may be using private software’s or Tally for your day to day accounting activity. • You may needed a system to maintain Cash Basis Accounting in Tally.ERP9. • You want the system to follow all statutory and practical needs.
  4. 4. Main Business Challenges in Tally.ERP9 • Creating Invoices with service descriptions. • Keeping this Invoices unaccounted. (To avoid unnecessary Service Tax or Income Tax Liability) • Outstanding Management (Without booking the Invoices in accounts) • Convert the received amount against the Invoice into Principle + Service Tax and then book the Income.
  5. 5. Alternate Solutions & Their Drawbacks • Maintain two books of accounts one in private software other in Tally or both in Tally. • Use external sources like Excel Files for outstanding follow up. • Book the Invoices only when income is received. • Difficult to reconcile records. • Added human efforts. • Reduced Accuracy. • Increased Dependencies.
  6. 6. Features of Solution • Create Service Invoice with description and sub form. • Store this Invoices in Tally.ERP9 without accounting effects. • Generated Outstanding Reports on the basis of these Invoices. • Pass the revenue entry based on the receipt automatically. • Auto Posting calculates reverse Service Tax and help compliance.
  7. 7. Service Invoice Features • Create different Invoices as per services and Automatic – Manual Invoice numbers for various voucher types (e.g. Fumigation, Heat Treatment etc.) • Use Sub Forms for Service Description in Invoice. • Include Logo Printing with Terms and Conditions in Invoice. • Include Bank A/c. details (like RTGS) in Invoice – for faster payment. • Have both Service Tax applicable and non applicable services covered in Invoice
  8. 8. Created Multiple Voucher Types for multiple services which helps in Auto Posting Sales
  9. 9. Created Multiple Optional Sales Voucher for multiple services for Invoicing
  10. 10. Created Service Invoice with Description & Service Tax but make no effect in book of accounts.
  11. 11. Created Service Invoice Format
  12. 12. Provides Bill Wise Ref Pending details for easy receipt and generates Auto Posting of Sales Invoice with reverse bifurcation of Service Tax Amount for Books of Accounts.
  13. 13. Total Outstanding Report Party - Wise
  14. 14. Party – Wise / Bill Wise Outstanding Report
  15. 15. Following are the List of highlighted Reports generates from Tally 1. Day Book 2. Columnar Day Book 3. Bank Book 4. Cash Book 5. Party Outstanding Ledger as per Mercantile Basis & Cash Basis 6. Group Summary Report 7. Sales Register 8. Purchase Register 9. Service Tax Computation 10. Service Tax Payable Bill Date Wise / Realization Date Wise / Input Credit Summary /ST3 Report 11. TDS Computation / Challan Reconciliation / Form 16A / Form 26Q / Form 27Q / TDS Outstanding Party Wise / Nature of Payment 12. Balance Sheet / Trial Balance / Profit And Loss A/c. / Trading Account 13. and many more..
  16. 16. If any extra report is required it can be prepared and customized as per your needs. We hope the presentation is useful and awaiting for your enquiries Tally.ERP9 Single User (Silver) License Costs 18,000/- + Pest Module Cost 10,800/- = 28,800/- Tally.ERP9 Multi User (Gold) License Costs 54,000/- + Pest Module Cost 36,000/- = 90,000/-