The best of blending, cooking and making


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The best of blending, cooking and making

  1. 1. The best of Blending, Cooking and MakingWhat an era! Everything is so made easy. Everything so perfect. Cooking, known as oneof the most difficult jobs across has also underwent the much needed renovation ininvention phase, finally. With the technological boom and wow inventions across, cookingor anything related to cooking has become more fun and creativity and less tediousness.One of the most important parts of cooking is blending. If the potion is not blend well,the mixture is not smooth enough; the food will definitely lose points both in terms oftaste and presentation. After all, who would love the ‘masalas’ staring at them from theplatter plate? Sanely, no one. Thus, a perfect or rather the best blending machine is amuch needed thing, a quintessential. The best blender for smoothies is therefore animportant requirement. To shortlist the names according to category A, B and C (basedon the current market review), the top most brands are hence as follows-Category A: Oyster classic bee- hive blender, Cuisine smart power premier 600 wattblender CBT-500, Kitchen aid 5 speed blender KSB 560.Category B: Hamilton beach wave maker 10 speed blender, Hamilton beach ensemble 10speed blender 50233 H, Hamilton beach smooth flower blender 50246.Category C: Margaritaville cordless frozen concoction maker blender, Black and Deckercyclone 10 speed blender, JC penny cook’s blender.Best blender for smoothies are much needed especially while making banana or berryshakes, fruit punch, tart fillings, toppings, etc. A smooth blend makes it taste smooth.Indeed is a smoothy smooth.Another important much need while cooking is a pressure cooker. Selection of an apt,long lasting and highly effective pressure cooker in short equals to selecting the bestpressure cooker. A pressure cooker not only saves your gas, it also retains the foodquality within the food when boiled in it. Selecting the best pressure cooker thus shouldbe done keeping in mind the facts that a) it has to be from a company providing bothguarantee and warranty; b) the pressure cooker should be rechecked before boughtespecially keeping in mind that the nozzle, rubber ring should be intact and perfect.Companies’ like-i. Hawkins, ii. Marlex, iii. National pressure cooker and iv. PrestigeAre some of the most trustworthy names while buying the best pressure cooker?Coffee is our all time favourite. From a cuppa coffee with friends to a romantic coffeedate to a cup of coffee with family on rainy day or a wintry evening- coffees are our hotfavourite. And what stands as absolutely important in today’s era is a single cup coffeemaker, rather the best single cup coffee maker. It is hassle free, and all you need to do itstore the water in it, and coffee of course, and your coffee is made. You can thenconveniently add milk and sugar according to your taste. It serves for several coffeecups. Also, a single cup coffee maker can also be used pouring milk in it too, and itprovides you espresso coffee. The best single cup coffee maker is therefore absolutelymuch needed, and the company ‘Mr Coffee’ is a hit now.