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Solar water pump and solar water fountain


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Solar water pump are the pumps, which can be used by using the solar energy. The principal for these solar water pumps are the same as an ordinary water pump which crates the flow of water.

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Solar water pump and solar water fountain

  1. 1. Solar Water Pump and solar Water Fountain- The combination for a brighter and greener worldSolar water pump are the pumps, which can be used by using the solar energy. Theprincipal for these solar water pumps are the same as an ordinary water pump whichcrates the flow of water, but the difference is in the input for both the pumps, solar andelectrical as whenever you connect an electric water pump, the connection through anelectric plug-in has to be considered. Or otherwise the pump is not been able to circulatewater, here comes the solar water pump as it consists of a solar panel which can beconsidered as the natural plug-in for the water pump.Solar water pump uses the heat energy radiated by sun to transform the radiationenergy into electric energy. There is a solar panel of certain length and width as the panel is the component, which is responsible for the storing of the solar heat energy whenever the sun is bright in the sky. Afterwards the storage heat energy is converted into electrical energy through a converter and this supply as the input power for the water pump. This solar water pump can be used with the solar water fountain, as considerably the pumps do the work of circulating water pretty much efficiently depending upon the size of the solar panel available for the water pump. The bigger the solar panel, the more amount of solar energy isstored and thus more electrical energy can be used for the input power of the water pump.The solar water fountain is the other portion of the puzzle as you have to buy a specificdimensioned stone water fountain that is compatible with your solar water pump. Thewater fountain consists of the solar water pump, which is basically situated inside thebottom basin of the fountain and the water is being circulated through a tube via the waterpump behind the statue from bottom to the top. The water fountain which is compatiblewith solar water pump can be bought as these kind of stone fountains of height 3m cancost you as much of 150 US dollars.Also the solar water fountain that you buy; may consists a battery charger, which is usedwhenever the sun goes down and you want your solar water fountain to be working 1
  2. 2. perfect. The electric battery charger will charge the solar panel and give the power to thewater pump. An average setup of solar powered pump and solar water fountaincirculates an amount of 47.5 gallons of water per hour at a maximum lift of 20 inches. Alsothere is a possibility of having problems, from clogged water pumps as you may invitebirds to the fountain. The grains and the feathers of these birds fall in the circulating waterand the pump gets clogged.Mostly a solar powered water pump costs of 44.75 US dollars. But whenever you got a highenough statue, you need to consider a high power pump which can serve the cause. 2