Purchasing The Perfect Bicycle Helmet


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Purchasing The Perfect Bicycle Helmet

  1. 1. and wear a helmet! Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  2. 2.  Any sport, if played without proper equipment, can prove to be very dangerous. Perhaps, this holds true for no sport more so than for biking. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  3. 3.  Falls resulting in grazes, cuts, and dislocated shoulders aside, what really makes biking without proper equipment dangerous is the threat one faces from head injuries. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  4. 4.  Head injuries can result in massive bleeding, head trauma, concussions, debilitation, and even fatality in some cases. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  5. 5.  According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, helmets contribute to reducing risk of head trauma by 88 % in a bicycle helmet. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  6. 6.  This is further proved in the fact that more than 90 percent of the 714 bicyclists who underwent fatal accidents had been cycling without a helmet. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  7. 7.  It is for this reason that protective headgear should be used and the perfect bicycle helmet is purchased. There are a number of things one should take into account when shopping for the perfect bicycle helmet. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  8. 8.  First and foremost, one should focus on buying a helmet that is the appropriate size for them. These helmets are made according to head size and while purchasing, one should look for one that fits them perfectly. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  9. 9.  If the helmet is too tight, it could potentially aggravate the consequences of a fall by caving in. On the other hand, if it is too big, it could just fly off and thus render the point of wearing a bicycle helmet completely useless. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  10. 10.  If the helmet is for an individual who is still growing, one with universal fitting rings can be purchased to accommodate the growing head. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  11. 11.  Furthermore, the helmet purchased should meet approved standards for safety. While buying a helmet, one should look inside and see if they have a sticker bearing evidence that they are certified and meet CPSC, Snell B-95 or N-94 standards Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  12. 12.  These industry standards have been created to vouch for the safety levels of a certain piece of equipment after thorough testing and it is imperative that a purchased piece of equipment should meet them. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  13. 13.  Furthermore, the bicycle helmet should have the ability to absorb energy from impact so that it can help prevent brain injury. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  14. 14.  In order to do this it must have a fully covered, hard shell made from materials such as Fiberglass, Lexan and ABS plastic. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  15. 15.  Vents for cooling may exist while still maintaining the strength of the helmet. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  16. 16.  The entire purpose of the shell is to distribute the energy of a collision upon impact and therefore, it is important that this shell is uniform and does not have any snag points Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  17. 17.  This ability to absorb stress is further boosted by the use of a good quality, stiff liner made from material such as polystyrene (Styrofoam). This helps lessen and dull the energy of an impact. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  18. 18.  Lastly, the helmet must have a strong strap and buckle to make sure that the helmet does not fly off regardless of what the impact is like. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  19. 19.  Therefore it is mandatory that it has a strong clasp and fastener in order to make sure that the helmet stays on regardless of the number of collisions that it endures. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  20. 20.  Safety cannot and absolutely should not be taken lightly, and therefore one must strictly follow these guidelines to purchase the perfect bicycle helmet as it is vital for one’s safety and protection. Copyright Fahrradhelm Test
  21. 21. For more information about Fahrradhelm Stiftung Warentest visit the following page ofhttp://www.fahrradhelmtests.com/ Copyright Fahrradhelm Test