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One dayadsensewebsite 2.2

  1. 1. IntroductionWant to get your first website up andrunning in less than a day? Don’t want towait to start earning the AdSensedollar$? Then this document is exactlywhat you’ve been looking for! No ‘7-daymodular course’ baloney, you’re going toget your first site up and running TODAY!If you’ve previously been hesitant to getstarted making money online then you’ll LOVE this – all the tools referenced inthis document are either FREE, DIY, or have a money back guarantee. You can getyour first site online and monitor the income for several weeks before deciding ifyou should commit to spending the money on the tools. This document is Revision 2.2 I’m constantly updating this document with the latest information to ensure you get the easiest start possible with the least effort! Before we get started check that this is the latest version of this document by clicking here. Got the latest revision? OK! Let’s get started…
  2. 2. Niche, Domain, and Keyword Research The first step you’re going to The tool you’ll use for this is Micro complete is to decide the topic Niche Finder. This awesome tool gives or niche that you will build your accurate results in a super quick time website around. which will result in higher income – and it’s dead easy to use. Your topic should be: Watch this short video (less than 5 1. Searched for a lot –there’s no point minutes) that James put together to building a website filled with information show exactly how to find your niche no one is searching for and the domain you’ll register in the 2. Have a low SOC (Strength of Competition) next step: to make it easy to get a good Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking 3. High EPC (Earning Per Click) – not all topics pay the same per click. Click Here to Watch OK so let’s go! Download Micro Niche Finder here and spend a few minutes to find a great niche and a domain you’ll register in the next step. Micro Niche Finder comes with a full, no questions asked, 60 day guarantee.
  3. 3. Domain and Hosting SetupTo get online TODAY you’regoing to use Bluehost tohost your website. They’llregister the domain youselected in the last step forfree as part of the package,and also automagically doall the work to connect thedomain to the hosting(regular domainregistration and setup can take quite a bit of work and up to 48 hour for theDNS to propagate – Bluehost take care of this for you INSTANTLY!)I love using Bluehost for my niche sites; they’re cheap, reliable and offer excellentsupport (should you ever need it). Really you can’t ask for more from a hostingcompany for AdSense sites.If you’re worried that Bluehost is not for you, don’t be. Bluehost offer an ‘anytimemoney back guarantee’ and don’t impose any long term contracts. You can cancelat any time. Join Bluehost here.
  4. 4. Outsourcing Content WritingOK! So now you know the topic of your website, have a list of high-paying,low competition keyword phrases from Step 1, and you have your domainregistered and hosting set up from Step 2 it’s time to get some great, usefulcontent to publish on your new website.A lot of new webmasters will write the content of their first websitethemselves, which is great if you’re a good writer with time on your hands,but I promised you’d get your first site online today – and to achieve thisyou’re going to need a little help!The help is going to come in the form of a content writer hired You can learn more about outsourcing tasks like contentwriting and SEO to virtual assistants at get started jump over to and set up your account (it’s free)and post the job using this template to guide you. As you’re getting thiswebsite up in one day you should mention it’s an urgent job in the jobdescription!
  5. 5. Web Page DesignWhilst your new contractor is working away writing the content for yoursite you can continue with the site setup and layout so that you’ll be readyto publish as soon as the articles are ready.For web page design and publishing you’re going to use the same award-winning XSitePro software that I use for niche sites. It’s super-easy to useand allows you to get your site onlinereally quickly, and automagicallyinserts AdSense into your web pages foryou!Download & install XSitePro here.Once installed follow the awesometutorial in XSitePro which teaches youhow to build this first site. To access thetutorial click the "Help" menu in the topmenu-bar, andfrom the drop-downmenu that appears, select "Tutorials".
  6. 6. Privacy, Contact, Terms Google care about the quality of the websites they admit into the AdSense program, and have some requirements that every site must meet. These requirements should be met before applying for your AdSense account.Google specifies that all websites should have a privacy page which spellsout for visitors what information your website collects about those visitors.This also extends to the information that your advertisers (in this caseGoogle) collect about your visitors. Sounds complex? It doesn’t need to be.You can generate a privacy policy online here.Once you’ve generated a privacy policy that you’re happy with copy andpaste it into a ‘quickpage’ in XSitePro. XSitePro ‘quickpages’ are templatespre-formatted especially to suitPrivacy and Contact pages (as well asothers). Check out the video below for instructions.
  7. 7. Add Your ContentAs soon as your freelance writer has finished writing the content for you it’s time to fire up XSitePro again andpublish the pages of your site. Remember to link related pages together internally in your site. Consider also linking out to authority sites such as Wikipedia.
  8. 8. Applying for AdSense Account So now you have a great website with quality information that people are going to find valuable, and you have the privacy policy etc. to ensure you’ll be in compliance with Google’s rules, it’s time to apply for your AdSense account. Here’s the link to apply directly, if you need any extra help, you can see this article I published on how to make your application.
  9. 9. Outsourcing SEO and traffic generation Whilst you’re waiting for Google to approve your AdSense application (time varies – generally 1-3 days) it’s time to get some SEO done! Again we’re going to outsource the bulk of the time-consuming SEO tasks. This can be done through oDesk again if you wish (look here for a SEO job posting template) however I’ve recently been having a lot of success using for outsourcing SEO. My suggestion is to use and choose:Directory submission service - Look for a service with a small number of higher quality directories, 20-50 directories is ideal. If your website is country specific try to find a service with country specificdirectories. Try this list. Don’t overdo it on the directory submission – gofor quality over quantity!Yahoo Answers service – I use Yahoo Answers to get great quality trafficfor my websites. Try one or more of these services on Fiverr who answerquestions related to your topic and include a link to your website as the‘source’ of their information.Video creation/submission service–Have a great video promotion or testimonial crafted for yourwebsite and submitted to the top video hosting sites (YouTube etc.) for only $5! Check it out here.Guest Posting service–Writing articles on your topic to be published on other websites is a greatstrategy to increase your readership. Fiverr offers guest posting services – but take care that your guestposts are good quality and are posted on quality websites and blogs. This is one method of SEO that it might be worth spending your own time completing, or having a Virtual Assistant from oDesk complete for you. How to find blogs accepting guest posts? Check this out. PDF Upload Service – There are many Fiverr gigs that either convert your content to PDF or create new content as PDF (with your links inserted of course) and then upload to multiple online sites such as Check this list. You can see a collected list of these suggested services at this specially created Fiverr collection. Of course you can complete all this work yourself if you have the time.
  10. 10. Adding the AdSenseAlright! Congratulations, you’ve now got your first high EPC, low SOCwebsite online and will soon be seeing a steady flow of traffic to itthanks to your SEO efforts. The one thing missing is the AdSense!As soon as Google approve your website (which they no doubt will doas you’ve built a high quality site that complies with their policies!)you can add the AdSense through XSitePro (see video below).If Google is slow to approve your application (or you simply want tostart earning right away!) then consider using an AdSense alternativein the meantime.
  11. 11. SummaryWoohoo! You’ve built the first site in your Virtual Realestate Empireonline. Congratulations. I really hope you found it a fun and rewardingexperience.Wondering where to go next? Try the following:1. Analytics and Monitoring2. More about SEO3. AdSense BlogI’d love to hear your feedback on this super shortOne Day AdSensecourse. You can get in touch with me here: Web:: Email: Twitter: @UnderstandingAdTo your continuing success!Simon.