5 Tips to Choose Your Suitable Jug Blender


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5 Tips to Choose Your Suitable Jug Blender

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5 Tips to Choose Your Suitable Jug Blender

  1. 1. Choosing A Suitable Jug Blender 5 Tips to Choose Your Suitable Jug Blender Copyright Standmixer Test
  2. 2. ∗ Are you a smoothie lover? If so, you know that theres an art to making these at home and that there is a process of developing a concoction that truly tastes amazing. Copyright Standmixer Test
  3. 3. ∗ One of the most important elements to a good smoothie is having a quality jug blender in order to mix the proper ingredients. Copyright Standmixer Test
  4. 4. ∗ While the specific elements of your smoothie are going to differ the constant in all smoothies is having a jug blender that has enough power and ice cube crushing ability to make your smoothie come out tasting great. Copyright Standmixer Test
  5. 5. ∗ There are many types of jug blenders that you will be able to find in the open marketplace today that can get the job done. As with any item, no two job blenders are created equally. Copyright Standmixer Test
  6. 6. ∗ Therefore based on specific criteria you can help yourself determine which jug blender is for you. Copyright Standmixer Test
  7. 7. ∗ While the specific purpose of what you need your blender for will differ you must make sure that these elements are in place before purchase. Copyright Standmixer Test
  8. 8. 1. Budget2. The Appropriate Amount of Power3. Easy Functionality4. An Airtight Warranty5. Easy to Maintain Copyright Standmixer Test
  9. 9. The Budget Copyright Standmixer Test
  10. 10. ∗ First and foremost, there is a budget for every purchase that we make. Your jug blender is no different in this respect and being this is the case you should have a clear budget for how much you would like to spend. Copyright Standmixer Test
  11. 11. Your Budget ∗ As you search the Internet for these blenders you will see that there are a lot to choose from and they can range in cost from around $30 or less all the way up to around $400 or $500. Copyright Standmixer Test
  12. 12. Your Budget ∗ If you are someone who owns a business making smoothies maybe you want one at the higher end, if you are just a personal user who makes one or two smoothies a week maybe you want to opt for one in the mid range as far as cost. Copyright Standmixer Test
  13. 13. Your Budget ∗ Point being, make sure to decide on a budget beforehand so you do not overspend which will almost always lead to frustration. Copyright Standmixer Test
  14. 14. The AppropriateAmount of Power Copyright Standmixer Test
  15. 15. Amount of Power ∗ As far as the specifics of the blender itself you want to make sure that your jug blender has enough power in its motor to crush your ice and ingredients effectively. Copyright Standmixer Test
  16. 16. Amount of Power ∗ A blender with enough power is really the linchpin of any quality smoothie that you will ever make. How fast do those blades spin? Copyright Standmixer Test
  17. 17. Amount of Power ∗ Will they be able to process the ice and ingredients in a manner that will not only be quick, but effective as well? Copyright Standmixer Test
  18. 18. Amount of Power ∗ These are two of the questions you need to answer before determining which blender suits you best from a wattage perspective. Copyright Standmixer Test
  19. 19. Easy Functionality Copyright Standmixer Test
  20. 20. Easy Functionality ∗ Sure, you like making smoothies, but we guarantee you do not want it to become something that is a pain in the rear end to do. Being this is most likely the case you need to make sure that the blender you buy is easy to navigate. Copyright Standmixer Test
  21. 21. Easy Functionality ∗ The more streamlined and simply process is, the less frustrated you have a chance to become. No matter how fancy a jug blender is it becomes a lot less appealing when you cant even figure out how to use the darn thing. Copyright Standmixer Test
  22. 22. Easy Functionality ∗ For some, especially for those without patience, this may be one of the most important factors that you do not want to overlook especially if you are buying it for a gift. Copyright Standmixer Test
  23. 23. An Airtight Warranty Copyright Standmixer Test
  24. 24. An Airtight Warranty ∗ With a lot of products we buy nowadays we always see a lot of details regarding the warranty for specific products. Make sure your blender has a worry free guarantee warranty attached to it. Copyright Standmixer Test
  25. 25. An Airtight Warranty ∗ What do we mean by this? We mean that you are going to put your blender through a lot so make sure it works and if it doesnt, you have an option and a viable one in order to get it fixed. Copyright Standmixer Test
  26. 26. An Airtight Warranty ∗ Blenders will malfunction from time to time which is fine as long as you have a suitable method for how to get new parts or to get it repaired as a whole. Copyright Standmixer Test
  27. 27. Easy to Maintain Copyright Standmixer Test
  28. 28. Easy to Maintain ∗ There is nothing more disgusting than a dirty appliance that you need to cook things or make things in. This is something we can probably all agree on. Therefore, make sure you buy a jug blender that is easy to clean. Copyright Standmixer Test
  29. 29. Easy to Maintain ∗ When you make blend smoothies things will get all over the place. This is just natural if you buy a certain kind of blender it can be tough to clean some of the spills up after use. Copyright Standmixer Test
  30. 30. Easy to Maintain ∗ Buy one that comes with certain functionality that makes the blender easy to clean. Quality manufacturers know this is an issue and gear their products as such. Copyright Standmixer Test
  31. 31. Easy to Maintain ∗ Hopefully this gives you a detailed insight onto some steps to follow when buying the jug blender that fits you and your needs the best. You may have thought before reading this that all of these blenders were created equally, Copyright Standmixer Test
  32. 32. Easy to Maintain ∗ Well now hopefully you know a little bit different. A good blender is priceless if you are into making smoothies, and we wish you the best of luck in your purchase. Copyright Standmixer Test
  33. 33. Thank You∗ For more information about Standmixer Stiftung Warentest visit the following Website of http://standmixertest.com/ Copyright Standmixer Test