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Institutional logo

  1. 1. Institutional Logo
  2. 2. IntroductionA logo is used by movie organisations or studios, which is a small designallowing their brand identity to be known of. Branding would include thecompany logo and a professional house style to promote the organisationfurther to give the brand a complete uniqueness from one another. As a taskin the coursework, we had to create a few institutional logo’s which then oneof these would become the official logo for our film institution. Here is thetop 3 that were created and are analysed to why we either chose or did notchoose the logo itself.
  3. 3. Logo 1 – Homicidal Tendency FilmsHomicidal Tendency Films was created on Photoshop which was manipulatedfrequently to grasp more use of the knife to create more realism for the logoitself. The image was inverted at first which looked more appealing. Later on,the edges of the knife were made darker by using the ‘Burn Tool’.This is the first logo which was designed specifically with a weapon to outlinethis is a common convention in the genre of Horror. A weapon is significantlyused in a Horror movie/trailer to emphasise danger and increase realism. Aknife would resemble a threat which is usually used by a villain. By using aknife and the typeface at an angle gives the logo itself uniqueness. This is oneaspect which we took into consideration to try and be different from otherlogo’s in today’s society.
  4. 4. Logo 1 – Homicidal Tendency FilmsHowever, this logo was not chosen due to the face it was too simplistic andwould not be as effective as the other ones created. The background waschanged thoroughly to see if another colour would become more attractivebut this was not the case. The image was unappealing and did not relate backto our horror trailer itself.
  5. 5. Logo 2 – Silent FilmsSilent Films was created on Photoshop with more of asimple approach again. This logo is a young femalewith her hand across her mouth which portrays hertelling the audience looking at the logo to be quiet.The logo was designed and manipulated on Photoshopwhich was to increase the exposure and vibrancy ofthe image. The blood on the hands and lips has beenemphasised specifically to have a common conventionof horror.However, this logo was not used due to the fact is wasto amateur and was not as effective. The image is notof a high quality and not appealing enough. Thetypeface is put in the wrong position but cannot bemoved elsewhere due to the image being moredominant. The name of the film does relate to theimage but did not feel appropriate for our group task.
  6. 6. Logo 3 – Decay ProductionsThis is the logo which was chosen by me and mygroup.Decay Productions logo was originally a blue andblack theme with the skull itself with less detail onthe image. With the use of Photoshop, I had editedsome parts of the original image by blurring edges,adding more effect to increase the detail of theimage and by refining the edges. This was thenhanded to my colleague who then changed thetheme to black and white. A ‘Film Grain’ and ‘Noise’was used from a Photoshop tool to help make theimage itself become more realistic and moreconvincing to a horror genre.
  7. 7. Logo 3 – Decay ProductionsThe main reason why this logo was chosen on a majority vote was due to thefact that the whole theme of the logo matched our promotional package. Thename ‘Decay’ is a synonym of death which compliments well with the skull.Death is associated with our own film trailer as a young innocent girl is dyingand is powerless to try and survive. A skull can represent death and more of atarrying approach. The colour theme of black and white can relate to twosolutions, either death or escape. This is a common convention for a Horrorfilm as the outcome can go either way.The logo itself is designed in a specific way to look more professional andrealistic. If we compare this logo to the other two, this logo would look moreto a high standard. The image, colour scheme and typeface all complimentwell and does not look unappealing. B having this logo will help ourpromotional package look more realistic to our target market that we takethis project seriously and not launching a new logo at a low standard.