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Further contents and double page analysis


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Further contents and double page analysis

  1. 1. Further Contents And Double Page Analysis From my knowledge not being fully equipped on a contents and double page spread analysis, I have chosen to analyse one more cover on both pages to gain more depth on codes and conventions used on them specific pages. Here I will evaluate the conventions of one more contents page and a double page spread.
  2. 2. From my knowledge not being fully equipped on a contents anddouble page spread analysis, I have chosen to analyse one more coveron both pages to gain more depth on codes and conventions used onthem specific pages. Here I will evaluate the conventions of one morecontents page and a double page spread.
  3. 3. Contents Page Analysis
  4. 4. •The camera shot is a long shot as it is showingher full body but is taken in a abnormal waywhere the subject is lying on the floor with herlegs up looking directly into the camera whichwould be taken as a low angle. This can help toadd more sex appeal and become moreattractive.
  5. 5. The Mise En Scene on this contents page isset in a studio with a black and whitecontrasting background. The background iseffective as it makes the main imagestandout more to allow better visibilitywhich would appeal to mostly a maleaudience as the clothing andanchor/model used it more of a sexappeal. The use of a simple background iscombined with the use of lighting to helpgain more emphasis on the actual image.The colours used can be neutral but thewhole image itself would be aimed at menas its more of a sex appeal. The way herlegs and heels make a V shape is wellcomplimented with the logo as it alsomakes a V which does add more effect. Theclothing is stylish with heals, accessoriesand a huge belt. This could show some sortof fashion in the model.
  6. 6. The target audience of this page would appealto a young male audience mostly due to thenudity on the main image. The model on thefront cover would inspired by more females asshe would outline a young female in today’ssociety but can be admired by a male due toher sexual characteristics and posture. Thiswould contemporary suit to youngsters.
  7. 7. • The typeface and fonts are different fromeach other. The masthead is white filled withblock capitals and is presented in an unusualway as the words ‘CONTENTS’ is broken up intothree sections. This stands out from the rest ofthe page as it’s more dominant and in adifferent colour from other text to engage theaudience more. The other text(features/fashion) is in a different font and thecolour black. These are sub-heading to thepages under it to guide the reader better.Some of the text is put in bold to stand outmore which could be significant pages in themagazine. The house style is consistent asthere are page numbers, date and the name ofthe magazine on the bottom right of the page.
  8. 8. • The main colours on this cover are black andwhite. As black and white are simplistic,original and contrast well together to maketext and the image to visually stand out better.The background is a fading white into a darkblack from bottom to the top. This helps gainmore attention on the image and contents.•The enigma and ambiguity is posing in aunique way to other Hip Hop contents pages asit can show mixed emotion such as laying theirwaiting or just naturally posing in acalm, relaxed but unusual way.
  9. 9. The girl is representing a Hip Hop magazinethrough her clothing and facial expression. HipHop magazine usually have a woman showingher figure with less clothing than usual. Hereher legs are shown and a bit of her backside.This will appeal to most males reading thepage. Also, her facial expression looks as if sheisn’t concerned and just more relaxed in hermusic career.
  10. 10. • The connotation of the page is the womanimplying loneliness or relaxing comfortably.The props are minimal where it is just thefigure of the woman that is standing out more.She doesn’t look at all worried but moreconfident in a calm way which draws moreattention to the audience as they wouldquestion the image. To add more depth ontothe last sentence, she can be confident as shehas gained more success in life and is notbothered about her legs being up and availablewhereas she looks unbothered about this. Thiscan be due to her looking stunning and sexy asher own costume is revealing, her makeup andjewellery are striking which can contrast herbeing simple.
  11. 11. The denotation of this contents page is thewoman lying down with her legs up. This canmean that she is either waiting for someone orjust tedious. There can be several meaning butfrom her facial expression she doesn’t have toomuch emotion as she is looking directly to thecamera.
  12. 12. The layout of the page is mostly used with TheRule Of Thirds. The masthead sits on the firsthorizontal line to directly engage the audiencemore. The image itself lies in the two verticallines and the second horizontal line whichtakes up more of the page to increase theaudience awareness. The audience eyes wouldautomatically be drawn to the left side of thepage where her legs are along with the logo.The page itself is organised as all pagenumbers are with each title allowing quickernavigation for the audience.
  13. 13. Double Page Spread Analysis
  14. 14. • The image is taken in a studio at a long shot to show the full body of the person. This is to show his body language more than his facial expression. This is more effective as it will show the artist being on eye level to the audience and to be more natural. • The representation of the image is a relaxed average-looking Hip Hop artist showing attitude with his body language and facial expressions.• The enigma and ambiguity is a more‘untouched’ pose. The facial expression andbody language of the artist is to show moreattitudes and a rebellious look where the artistdoes not look bothered at all as he could bevery successful in life.
  15. 15. • The denotation of this image is ayoung male dressed in jeans and awhite t-shirt which doesn’t show thetarget audience his wealth but anaverage American citizen.• The connotations of this image isthe male teasing the audience as heisn’t showing a lot of wealth with hisdress sense but more with his bodylanguage and facial expressions. Thisshows that not all artists have towear all fancy clothes or show a lotof jewellery to show how rich andsuccessful they are. This could showthe model being confident with himand has self-belief in himself fromlooking like an average male. Thereare minimal props in the image tomake the audience be more engagedonto the model.
  16. 16. • The colour scheme is mostly the same on any Hip Hop magazine and it can be iconic to all magazines due to the colours white, black and red. As the second page background has a little shade of black which is outlining the model to make him clearer and to stand out more. The text is broken up into colours. The red text is questions/quotes and the black is GZA’s answers. This is good to prevent confusion to the reader and to understand the article better.• The layout is very simplistic as one page has apicture and the other is information related tothe picture. This is easy for the reader as theyknow who the person is and what theinformation is saying about him. The text is laidout in a conventional way where it is organisedin columns to look more appealing.
  17. 17. • The target audience of this article will be to people interested in Hip Hop or people who are inspired by a Hip Hop group called ‘WU TANG CLAN’. This would mostly appeal to the male target audience as it is more to do with Hip Hop and has no feminism on the page. All of these conventions where it is uncomplicated and simplistic is to appeal to their target audience.• The house style has the name of themagazine at the bottom and the pagenumber and website on the left.However, it is not fully consistent asthe page number on the second pageis missing. This could be inaccurate useof house style and could be aimprovement to Hip Hop Connection.
  18. 18. • The typefaces and font is clear, bigand bold. The heading ‘Pure Genius’and other sub-heading relates to theartist ‘GZA’ on the second page that hewouldn’t have been as famous withouthis Hip Hop group WU TANG CLAN. Apersonal quote that stands out is Stillhas creativity to burn which impliesthat he still has self-esteem to takehimself and his group further into themusic industry. The language used inthis double page is written in a rappersstyle of tone with some slang andunique metaphors. The text is writtenin a way where the artist is mainlyspeaking for himself and to show theyoung target audience how to act andbehave in society.
  19. 19. This contents page and double page spread analysis hasdeveloped my knowledge as I was uncertain in some specificareas to create these two pages. I have developed myknowledge further in depth and can now proceed to the nexttask to start producing my Hip Hop magazine. This will allow meto have the best outcome and appeal more to my targetaudience.