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Grant Application2

  1. 1. The Libri Foundation Books for Children Program Grant Application FormPlease answer the following questions. If additional space is needed, use the back of the form or attachadditional sheets. Do not rewrite the form. Please return form with all pages stapled together. Forms maybe typed or handwritten.I. APPLICANT: Name of Library: Crisp County High School Street Address: 2402 Cougar Alley PO Box: City: Cordele State: GA Zip: 31015 Shipping Address (if different): City: State: Zip: Contact Person: Chiquisha Tomlin Title: Media Specialist Library Phone: (229 ) 276-3430 and/or Contact Phone: ( ) Library Fax: ( 229 ) 276-3436 E-mail: Previous BOOKS FOR CHILDREN grant recipient? Yes No x If yes, what year?II. TYPE OF LIBRARY: A. Please circle the number which BEST describes your library: 1. City, town, township, or village library 2. Branch of a city, town, township, or village library - Name of main library? 3. County library 4. Branch of a county library - Name of main library? 5. Combination town & public school library 6. Tribal library. Tribal affiliation? 7. Other. Please explain Public School Library B. Does the library have any branches or bookmobiles? Yes No x If yes, how many? C. Is your library a member of a regional or cooperative system? Yes x No If yes, 1. What is the name of the system? Crisp County School System 2 Are the libraries in the system governed jointly or separately? Separately 3. How much funding does your library receive from the system? 4. What services does the system provide to your library? Funding for instructional technologies, books, and other resources for learning; technical support
  2. 2. The Libri Foundation: Grant Application - Page 2III. AREA SERVED: A. For what geographic area is your library the primary library? Name of Area: South Georgia Population of Area: 40,000 Population of the town in which the library is located: 11,498 In what county/parish/borough is the library located? Crisp B. What is the nearest city with a population of at least 40,000 people? Albany, GA How many miles is the library from this city? 35 C. Is there an institution of higher education in the library’s district? Yes x No Name of the institution: South Georgia Technical College D. What are the area’s primary industries? (Agriculture, fishing, forestry, mining, tourism, etc.) Manufacturing; tourismIV. CIRCULATION/PROGRAMMING: A. How many hours per week is your library open? 40 Please list the library’s hours: 7:45am- 3:45pm B. How many hours per week are your branches open? 48 C. Approximately how many patrons come into the library each week? 150 D. Approximately how many of these patrons are children age 12 and under? 0 E. What is the average number of books checked out each week? 250 F. Approximately how many of these books are children’s books? 0 G. What type and how many hours of children’s programming does the library offer? Programming can include storytelling, puppet shows, summer reading programs, service to day care centers, craft activities, etc. Please be as detailed as possible.
  3. 3. The Libri Foundation: Grant Application - Page 3V. BUDGET INFORMATION: Please provide the following information for the applicant’s most recently completed fiscal year. If your library is a branch library and receives its funding from the parent institution: 1) answer the questions first with your library’s budget and 2) in parentheses, include the parent institution’s budget. Any funds listed in Part II, Section C, question 3 must be included as part of your total annual budget. A. Total annual budget (ALL expenditures, inc. salaries): $622,587.22 B. Total annual book budget (reference, adult, YA, children): $15,523 C. How many paid employees does the library have? 3 D. How many paid employees have an MLS, MLIS, or equivalent? 2 E. How is the library funded? Allocated funds from the GaDOE F. Has the library suffered any budget cuts in the last three years? Please explain. Yes. Due to the state deficit, the budget has been slashed by at least $6,000. VI. LOCAL FUND RAISING: The library’s local sponsor(s) may raise between $50 and $350, which will be matched 2-to-1 by The Libri Foundation. The Foundation will only match funds raised by a local sponsor. It will not match funds taken from the existing library budget. A. Who will be the library’s local sponsor(s)? Note: The local sponsor may be a formal group such as the Friends of the Library or a service organization, or it may be an informal group of library supporters. Crisp County School System; Friends of the Library. B. How much money does the sponsor(s) plan to raise? (Must be between $50-$350) $350.00 Important Note: The Foundation will not match more than $350. C. How does the sponsor(s) plan to raise the matching funds? Please be as specific as possible. Fundraisers include selling discarded items such as old computers and outdated books that have been weeded out. Proceeds will be used to benefit the media center.
  4. 4. The Libri Foundation: Grant Application - Page 4VII. NEEDS ASSESSMENT: Please explain why the library needs the Foundation’s assistance to acquire new children’s books. Due to severe budget cuts that the school systems has sustained, as well as the state government, it is dire that we acquire this money to help fund new books for our media center. Our high school has a daycare center and having children’s books at our convenience (other than the ones currently in the center) would be very beneficial and convenient.VIII. PUBLICIZING THE NEW BOOKS: Describe how the library plans to publicize and promote its new children’s books. Note: Libraries are strongly encouraged to celebrate their new books by hosting a special event, such as an open house or a special story hour. This library will host a special story hour, during after school hours, so that parents can get a chance to come in and see what the library has to offer other than the new books.IX. BOOK SELECTION: Please list the book reviewing sources the staff consults when selecting children’s books. American Association of School Librarians website; Library of CongressX. REPORT: All grant recipients are required to write a one-page report, in the form of a letter, within eight weeks of receiving the new books. The letter should include general information about the library and the community it serves as well as specific information relating to the BOOKS FOR CHILDREN grant on topics such as how the local funds were raised, how the books will be used, and the impact the new books had on the library (ex: new patrons, increased community awareness, increased circulation). Copies of newspaper articles and other publicity items about the grant should be attached to the report. Do you agree to provide this report within eight weeks of receiving the new books? Yes x NoSignature of Authorizing Official:Print Name: Chiquisha D. TomlinTitle: Media Specialist Date: 3/25/11Questions should be directed to:Barbara J. McKillip, President Phone: 541-747-9655The Libri Foundation Fax: 541-747-4348PO Box 10246 Email: libri@librifoundation.orgEugene, OR 97440 Web site: http://www.librifoundation.orgHours: Mon.-Fri: 10-4 PACIFIC TIMECompleted application forms must be mailed to The Libri Foundation. Faxed or emailed applications willnot be considered for a grant.©200603 – This form may not be reproduced, duplicated, or used for any purpose other than to apply for a Libri Foundation grant.