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  1. 1. CIENCIASJANUARY9: Choose 5 of the questions I’ll give you in class, create a blog, sign up onVoxopop and Prezi. Decide the topic(s) for your prezi.16: podcast FEBRUARY MARCH23: podcast + blog 6: look for info 5: book + prezi30: Introduction to 13: select info 12: book + preziPrezi. 20: create prezi DEADLINE: MARCH, 16thTASKS AND EVALUATION5 OPINION AUDIOS ( podcasts) (INDIVIDUAL) 5 POINTSYou must record your answers on Voxopop. Every answer must last at least 30seconds. You have to choose 5 questions out of the ones I’ll give you in class +write them in 5 different entries (blog). At the end of the term, write acomment on your blog regarding your project.CLASS BOOK (INDIVIDUAL) 1 POINTWe’ll correct the activities in class.PREZI ( GROUP) 4 POINTSYou can fully talk about a topic you’re interested in or not so deeply aboutdifferent topics. Be creative!EVERYTHING SHOULD BE UPLOADED ONTO YOUR BLOG ON MARCH 16th ORBEFORE (IT’S UP TO YOU)I WON’T EVALUATE THE PROJECTS PUBLISHED AFTER THAT DAY. YOUHAVE PLENTY OF TIME, SO PLEASE, DON’T LEAVE MUCH FOR THATWEEK!! ANY DOUBTS?