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Open Historical Map at AGI North's Where2.0Now Conference


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Presentation at the AGI North group one day conference "Where2.0Now" about Open Historical Maps - with the focus on the application to collaboratively georectify and digitize over historical maps for the New York Public Library.

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Open Historical Map at AGI North's Where2.0Now Conference

  1. 1. Tim Waters Open Historical Maps Putting a map library on the net @tim_waters Geothings & Entropy Free
  2. 4. Emerging Geo Stack
  3. 8.
  4. 9.
  5. 10. Crowdsourcing ? “ I find the term incredibly irritating... Any company that thinks it’s going to build a site by outsourcing all the work to its users not only disrespects the users but completely misunderstands what it should be doing. Your job is to provide a structure for your users to Collaborate, and that takes a lot of work”. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia
  6. 12. Making people happy to put your maps on the interwebs and trace over them for you!
  7. 13. Core Technology – traditional GIS stuff. Georectification Digitization
  8. 14. Entropy Free
  9. 15. Isothermal chart, or, View of climates & productions / drawn from the accounts of Humboldt & others, by W.C. Woodbridge. 1843
  10. 16. A new systeme of the mathematicks: containing I. Arithmetick,.... 1681
  11. 17. The English Empire in America.from Atlas minimus, or, A book of geography : shewing all the empires, monarchies, kingdomes, regions, dominions, principalities and c ountries, in the whole world 1679
  12. 18. Sacrifice Island. from America: being the latest, and most accurate description o f the Nevv vvorld 1671
  13. 20.
  14. 23. Um, huh?
  15. 27. Demo time!
  16. 32. Layers: Buildings Districts Points of Interest Transport Network Hydrography
  17. 36. Conclusions
  18. 37. Find me for beta login details or email [email_address] More details: Upload and geo rectify your own imagery now: Have a go now! Future: Dynamic HTML5 space age stuff Open Historical Map
  19. 38. @tim_waters Geothings & Entropy Free