Major Media Accomplishments


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Major Media Accomplishments

  1. 1. MAJOR MEDIA ACCOMPLISHMENTSGovernment of Egypt (Ministry of Investment (GAFI):SummaryFrom 2005 to 2006, as Vice President of Public Affairs for Fleishman-Hillard (MENA), Imanaged the Government of Egypt’s global communications campaign to increase foreign directinvestment (FDI) into the country.StrategyThe strategy centered on communicating the campaign’s key message: “Egypt – Open forBusiness” to specifically targeted nations including: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Qatar, China, India, and the United States.TacticsThe campaign tactics included using video news releases, targeted ads, TV commercials, articleplacements in key global business magazines and newspapers, media roundtables with Egyptiangovernment officials in Europe and the Middle East, in-bound media trips to Cairo, andleveraging media opportunities at key economic conferences: 2006 Euromoney Conference –Egypt: A Commitment to Reform Conference in London, the 2006 American Chamber ofCommerce Egypt Investment Conference in New York, the 2006 World Economic Forum inDavos and the 2006 World Economic Forum on the Middle East in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.ResultsThe campaign helped garner third party endorsements from the United Nations Conference onTrade and Development and the World Bank naming Egypt as one of the best places in theworld to invest. And more importantly, the campaign helped increase FDI into Egypt from $1billion to $5 billion.Campaign Highlights“Egypt – Open for Business” TV CommercialI produced this TV commercial with Creative Labs of Egypt, which was initially broadcast in theMiddle East and North Africa.
  2. 2. coverage for the 2006 Euromoney Conference – Egypt: A Commitment to ReformConference in London and the 2006 American Chamber of Commerce Egypt InvestmentConference in New YorkThe highlight of the campaign occurred during the week of March 14 – 17 th, 2006 where I wasresponsible for simultaneously generating media coverage for both events.Interviews of Egyptian government officials, including the Prime Minister, the Chairman of theCairo Stock Exchange, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Investment, and theChairman of GAFI appeared on:Egypt Channel One, Nile TV, Nile News, Egyptian Radio, MENA TV, Egypt Channel One, DowJones, Bloomberg TV, Dandana TV, BBC World Service, Business Monitor International, CNN,CNBC World , Bloomberg TV, BBC 2 News Night with Jeremy Paxman, BBC World, BBCHard Talk, BBC World Service (Radio), CNBC Arabia, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fortune Magazine,USA Today, Dow Jones, Business Week, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg ,CNN International, PAX, DirecTV (which aired on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, FOXNews, and CNN Headline News), and World Business (which reaches 250 million peopleworldwide on broadcasters such as CNBC in Europe, PBS in the US, Orbit in the Middle East &Africa and Star World in Asia).The total global television coverage achieved for the Euromoney London (March 14) andAmCham Egypt New York (March 16) events was 828.1 million homes.
  3. 3. Case Study: Egyptian Ministry of Investment, GAFI: “ One week in March” Results Global Television Coverage achieved for GAFI’s Euromoney London (March 14) and AmCham Egypt New York (March 16) events via FBC Media’sCNBC Broadcast News Feeds: 828.1 million homes Channel 486 million homes • 24.6 million homesCNN ORF, Austria• 86.2 million homes • 3.3 million homesMSNBC YLE, Finland• 81.3 million homes • 2.3 million homesBloomberg •RTL•29.5 million homes • 4.5 million homesPAX Network •VRT, Belgium• 3 million homes • 4.2 million homesFox News •SVT 24 (Sweden)• 85 million homes • 1.2 million homesEuronews ANN Arab News• 114 million homes Network•Sky Italia • 20 million homes• 20 million homes ERTU, Egypt•Deutsche Welle • 35 million homes•210 million homes JRTVSABC, South Africa • Broadcast across• 1 million homes PNA, Syria, N. Saudi Arabia, Israel and South Lebanon Dubai TV, UAE • 20 million homes
  4. 4. Genoil Corporation:SummaryFrom 2007 – 2008, as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, I rebranded, developed andmanaged strategic media, investor and public relations programs for Genoil, a Canadian basedinternational engineering technology development company, including the successful globallaunch of a new commercial marine product, the Crystal Sea Separator.StrategyThe strategy centered on positioning the company as an innovative technology leader thatdevelops innovative oil and gas separation technologies and marine technologies. This includedrebranding the website and all marketing materials.Focusing on the new branding tagline, “engineering technology for the future”, the key messagesto the media were that the company’s GHU® oil and gas separation technology is a cost-effective,efficient process for the simultaneous desulfurization and upgrading of heavy, high-sulfur crudeoil. The higher quality and cleaner oil produced provides a superior feedstock to conventionalrefineries and increases the yield of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.On the marine side of the business, the key message was that the Crystal Sea Separator is a cost-effective, efficient system for the treatment of bilge water in ships resulting in the elimination ofship pollution.Tactics and ResultsGenoil Hydroconversion Upgrader GHU®We aggressively positioned the COO/EVP with key industry and trade publications like:Oilsands Review, Hydrocarbon Processing, and major news outlets like Reuters as an experton heavy oil refinement. We then positioned our Global Head of Business Development, theformer chief geologist for ARAMCO, as an oil industry and oil market expert with cable newsoutlets like CNBC and Bloomberg News. A look at three up- Is bottomless-barrel refining INTERVIEW - Tech firm Genoil and- coming field possible? aims to lighten China crude slateupgrading systems. Hydrocarbon Processing - September 2007 Reuters - 09 May 2007
  5. 5. Oilsands Review - October 2007Crystal Sea SeparatorTargeting key industry and trade publications beginning in November 2007, we launched anaggressive and new media relations strategy resulting in stories about the Crystal Sea and itstechnology in key trade industry publications: Tradewinds, Mariner Life, Marine News,Marine Propulsion, Engineering News, and Sea Technology.Investment is needed to curb oily Bilge-water-treatment system Genoil’s Crystal Seaviolations prevents ship bilge pollution Bilgewater SeparatorTradewinds - November 2007 Engineering News – November 2007 Mariner Life - August 2007............................................ ............................................ ........................................... .Genoil’s New Water Treatment Satisfying tougher bilge
  6. 6. Marine News - August 2007 discharge standards Marine Propulsion - July 2007Kontek Industries:SummaryFrom 2004 to 2005, I co-created and managed a strategic communications for the company, aninnovative homeland security manufacturer.StrategyThe centerpiece of the strategy was to re-position the company, which was recovering from thefallout of the telecom industry turndown, as an innovative technology leader providing state-of-the-art homeland security, critical infrastructure, and force protection solutions for U.S.government and private sector facilities.TacticsRe-branding the company included creating a corporate website: .Then using a media campaign targeted towards the U.S. military, homeland security tradepublications, TV, and radio along with key business champions (the Missouri congressionaldelegation, the U.S. military, and private sector customers), we were able to garner nationalattention (including the Wall St. Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post) and buildthe company’s reputation for manufacturing the worlds most technologically advanced vehicleand delay access barriers, blast resistant barriers, guardhouse shelters, and telecommunicationshelters.ResultsThe new communications program resulted in numerous new contracts being awarded tothe company and total sales increasing from $2,000,000 to $40,000,000.