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Operational dashboard for apache cloud stack


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Talk about a prototype dashboard that improves the operational experience in the UI for large cloud operators.

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Operational dashboard for apache cloud stack

  1. 1. Operational Dashboard for Apache CloudStack (ODAC)
  2. 2. Who Am I? • • • • • Chip Childers Work on Apache CloudStack Previously with SunGard Availability Services Now with CumuLogic Background in Web Development and Operational tool development
  3. 3. Question: Does the CloudStack UI Scale for large environments?
  4. 4. Key Issues • Visual scalability • Determining qualitative value of each potential metric • No capacity trending
  5. 5. Zone View
  6. 6. • Uses D3.js • Decision Tree: • Unmanaged / Maintenance - Gray • Error - Red • Highest of Memory or CPU allocation dictates color along green > orange > red linear scale
  7. 7. Project Components • cs-operator-dash - contains the Rails UI • cs_eventconsumer - a gem that can run a daemon process to pull CloudStack events out of a RabbitMQ broker and push them into MongoDB • cs_capacityretriever - a gem that can run a daemon process to periodically pull various capacity information from a CloudStack management server via my cloudstack_ruby_client gem, again pushing that data into MongoDB
  8. 8. Futures? • Take the experiment back into the Apache CloudStack project? (not implementation, just ideas) • Separate project long term? • Should there be a “cloud operator” dashboard for multiple “stacks”?
  9. 9. Thanks! (and go fork it!) (and go fork it!) (and go fork it!) •