CloudStack Release 4.1 Retrospective


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CloudStack Release 4.1 Retrospective

  1. 1. 4.1 Release Review
  2. 2. I have two questions for you today.
  3. 3. What’s in 4.1? Lots of internal architectural changes (we want to speed updevelopment of new integrations) 20 new features 24 “improvements” 155 bug fixes
  4. 4. Architectural Changes Converted from custom injection framework to Spring Packaging changes Lots of refactoring: Storage plugin model Network plugin model API implementation refactored (remains compatible)
  5. 5. New Features in 4.1API, UI and Integration Options: AWS style regions Event pub-sub framework (RabbitMQ implementation) Advanced search within the UI API Server request throttling API Discoverer Service Users resetting their own passwords Users directly changing their API keys EC2 query API Cloudmonkey CLI
  6. 6. New Features in 4.1Networking: Nicira integration adds L3 functionality Persistent networks without a running VM Autoscale (Netscaler implementation) Juniper SRX & F5 Big IP inline mode Egress FW rules for guest networks Open vSwitch support for KVM
  7. 7. New Features in 4.1Compute: Support for passing custom VMX settings to vSphere on VMcreate Adding and removing Virtual NICs from VMs Reset SSH key within a VMStorage: Volume resizing S3-backed secondary storage
  8. 8. Schedule
  9. 9. The Plan2012-11-01 through 2013-01-31 – Feature Merge Window2013-01-31Feature FreezeAll new feature need to have been merged into master by this date.Release branch will be cut on this date.Jenkins updated to include new release branch builds.2013-02-01 through 2013-02-28Testing/Bug Fixes (testing against jenkins artifacts)Documentation Finalization2013-02-28Docs Completion TargetRelease Branch moves to limited updates only (only commits allowed in would be release blockersfixes, translation updates, etc...)2013-03-01 through 2013-03-22Translation Development and Integration (should be ongoing, but focused effort)Final regression testing / bug fixes / doc fixes2013-03-224.1.0-RC1 is created, and project level VOTE is called
  10. 10. What Happened? Large number of last minute feature merges:“There are just too many merged happened to master in thelast minute, it includes VM snapshot, eventframework, region, Big Switch.” Final Release Date: June 5 (plan was ~end of May)
  11. 11. Large Changes at the end is bad.
  12. 12. We can’t skip upgrade testing(Like it or not, we have to deal with users stillusing 2.x)
  13. 13. Documentation remains lastminute
  14. 14. Package name changes killed us
  15. 15. Features developed in isolation area problem!(likely review issues, IP clearance problems, etc…)
  16. 16. We had to disable Baremetalprovisioning
  17. 17. Thanks!