CloudStack Collab 2013 Keynote


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  • Over 5500 of the Japanese books in print
  • Groups in Bangalore, NYC, DC, Silicon Valley, London, Japan and more
  • Cloud Operators (Small Teams, Enterprise IT Department, Public Cloud Operators)Care about the underlying architectureOwe their users an SLAThe goal is to support their users in just the right waysCloud Users (Application Developers, IT Operations, DevOps Teams)Differing workload stylesCare about speed and flexibilityFocused on supporting the real end users…
  • Don’t consider these numbers absolute in terms of installed clouds, instead focus on the correlation between the development and user community growth.Users in this context are primarily the operatorsThis level of correlation is a strong indicator of project longevity.
  • Parting thought… How many of you have done this?
  • The value of any infrastructure should be tied to the value that the applications running on it provide to the end usersOur project’s job is to make the operator happy, in service of the application owners, in service of the end users.
  • CloudStack Collab 2013 Keynote

    1. 1. I have two questions for you today.
    2. 2. Question:How’s our community doing?
    3. 3. We Graduated!We are now a Top Level Project at the ASFThis was less than 1 year from CloudStackentering the Incubator
    4. 4. Since August 2010:Over 18,000 commitsby hundreds of developerscreating 2.5 million lines of code
    5. 5. We Released 4.1.0Significant Architectural Improvements20 new features, 24 “improvements”, 155bug fixesHelped several 2.x users be able toupgrade to 4.1
    6. 6. We’re Collaborating Better than Ever
    7. 7. Translation CommunityDocumentation Progress UI Progress
    8. 8. Educating OthersCloudStack University InitiativeGoogle Summer of Code ProjectsApache CloudStack Training Courses
    9. 9. Books
    10. 10. User Groups Have FormedAround the Globe
    11. 11. Japan CloudStack UserGroup (JCSUG) Hundreds of members Coordinated release testing Doc Translation Sprints Working with LPI Japan to create anOSS Cloud certification Active in multiple cities throughoutJapan
    12. 12. Question:How’s our community doing?Answer:We’re stronger than ever, andgrowing rapidly
    13. 13. Question:How are users affectingthe Apache CloudStack project?
    14. 14. CloudStack’s Users Are Cloud Operators Want to easily design, install, support, upgrade and scale theirdiverse cloud platforms Application Owners Want infrastructure to get out of the way of deliveringapplications to the end users
    15. 15. 272+ Operators in Production
    16. 16. We are usersBuilds the next generation of developersDrives project sustainabilityImproves qualityWhy is this so important?
    17. 17. Our User Focus Has Given Us Strong support for both traditional and cloud-era workloads Flexible deployment options and infrastructure choice Real-world experiences with scale Upgrades that work New technology integrations by and for the operators Testing of our APIs from diverse consumer tools
    18. 18. Question:How are users affectingthe Apache CloudStack project?Answer:They’re driving the Project
    19. 19. Announcing the NextCloudStack Collaboration ConferenceAmsterdamNovember 20-22, 2013
    20. 20. Let’s make sure we avoid thismoment for our users…
    21. 21. Because infrastructure andapplications are means to an end.Our job is to make them easy to consume.
    22. 22. Get
    23. 23. Thanks, and enjoy the conference!