Modern attitude towards hygiene


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Modern attitude towards hygiene

  1. 1. Modern Attitude Towards Hygiene
  2. 2. DefinitionHygiene is the maintenance of healthful practices. In modern terminology, this is usually regarded as a particular reference to cleanliness.
  3. 3. VACCINATIONHygiene in home and everyday life settings plays an important part in preventing spread of infectious diseases. It includes procedures used in a variety of domestic situations such as hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, food and water hygiene, general home hygiene (hygiene of environmental sites and surfaces), care of domestic animals, and home healthcare (the care of those who are at greater risk of infection).
  4. 4. IMPORTANCE In the U.S., vaccines have reduced or eliminated many infectious diseases that once routinely killed or harmed many infants, children, and adults. These diseases also result in doctors visits, hospitalizations, and even premature deaths. Stopping vaccination against polio will leave people susceptible to infection with the polio virus. Polio virus causes acute paralysis that can lead to permanent physical disability and even death. Before polio vaccine was available, 13,000 to 20,000 cases of paralytic polio were reported each year in the United States. These annual epidemics of polio often left thousands of victims--mostly children--in braces, crutches, wheelchairs, and iron lungs. The effects were life-long.
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  6. 6. prevention from communicable diseases Hair-should be oiled, combed neatly. Less use of cosmetics such as gel etc… Skin-should be covered. Regular use of cream in winter. Eyes- Regular check-ups, be far from television screen,etc Teeth-regular dentist visit, brush 2 times a day Ear-be out of loud noises. Less use of I-pods and mobiles.
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  8. 8. Do you know the mostimportant point to remain healthy and fit?
  9. 9. Avoiding pollution
  10. 10. Air pollution causesHome air pollution is the silent and invisible health concern that many people live entirely unaware of. There are numerous air pollutants within most homes that can cause serious health effects, and most are not covered under any home insurance policy if you try to remove them. [...]  Air pollution caused by cars is one of the more challenging forces that air pollution environmentalists are dealing with. Short of mandating restrictions on driving, it seems that the chronic encouragement for commuters and travelers to find alternative forms of transportation lands on deaf ears. Air pollution from cars is still one of the greatest [...]
  11. 11. prevention In order to completely stop the production of all manufactured materials, stop the use of cars, air conditioners, heat sources, and basically deconstruct the basic staples of our society. This is not exactly practical, so we have to look at other air pollution solutions that can put a serious dent on our current situation
  12. 12. prevention Cars are not just a major contributor to the air pollution problems and are a major oil dependency culprit in the US. Why the destruction of the electric car was kept so secret is really not a mystery. How far we could have come with the acceptance of this one invention. For more information on this topic, one should watch the well documented and the very accurate documentary, who killed the Electric Car?
  13. 13. Water pollution causes The effects of water pollution are far-reaching and affect not only the environment, but human beings and animals as well.By allowing for slow industry changes, water pollution continues to be a growing problem. Water pollution prevention requires drastic and swift action rather than a slow and progressive change. 6 Major Effects of Water Pollution 1) The food chain is damaged. 2) 2) Diseases can spread via polluted water 3) Acid rain contains sulfate particles, which can harm fish or plant life in lakes and rivers. 4) Pollutants in the water will alter the overall chemistry of the water 5) Marine food sources are contaminated or eliminated by water pollution. 6) Altered water temperatures (due to human actions) can kill the marine life
  14. 14. prevention Nature has a built in system to help deter the oversaturation of nitrogen in the water. The ecological version of water pollution treatment is known as dentrification. This is a natural process that helps take the pollution filtered into the ground and water and convert it into harmless organic matter. Once the high level of nitrogen enters the water, dentrification happens when natural bacteria found in the ground turns the nitrogen into nitrates, which is much easier on the plant life and the organic life in aquatic ecosystems.
  15. 15. prevention One of the more interesting and more popular methods of water pollution treatment is known as ozone wastewater treatment. Ozone wastewater treatment involves the use of an ozone generator which can effectively break down the wastewater pollutants to prevent the continuous spread of pollution throughout natural water sources. Ozone water pollution treatment is so popular these days because it is very effective at neutralizing pollutants in the water and then can generate itself back into oxygen for the ozone as though it had never been touched.
  16. 16. Land pollution causes There are a number of major sources of land pollution, not counting the general litter and trash that people choose not the throw away in a proper receptacle. Among these major sources are burial sources, insecticides and pesticides, construction wastes, human waste, herbicides, and mining waste. Poisons to the land are destructive from the instant they touch the ground and their pollutant spreads as it travels through the ground. Herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides are harmful to more than what they are designed to kill or deflect. The biggest problem that land pollution creates is the impact it has on the surrounding environments. Every form of land pollution kills off the habitats of land animals as well as aquatic life. The more we deplete these habitats the more the ecosystem is thrown out of balance.
  17. 17. prevention Ifland pollution continues at the present rate we may not be able to leave a healthy earth for future generations. So, we have to make efforts to reduce this pollution and retain the beauty of this land. Avoid plastic bags and polythenes: Recycling: Buy biodegradable products: Pesticides should not be used: Plant more trees:
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