Ch 1 computer (ix)


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Ch 1 computer (ix)

  1. 1. Convergence of Computers,Communication and Content Chapter 1 (IX)
  2. 2. • Today we are all living in a truly digital world, made up of binary digits (bits), that is, 0s and 1s of the digital language. Any form of communication that we can think of today- mobile or landline telephones, SMS messages, emails, FM radio broadcasts, satellite TV channels, Internet-all have these streaming bits at the core.• Today new techniques of information packaging and delivery ensure it is made available anywhere instantly. The exploiting technologies provided by telecommunications, computer networking and broadcasting media. This has led to an emergence of the information society.
  3. 3. Information Society• An information society (also called wired society) is the one, which is wired or networked. This has enabled electronic communication becoming an integral part of our personal and work lives.• Now, the people are acquainted with emails, videoconferencing and mobile phones, that too at a very minimal cost.
  4. 4. Convergence of Computers and Communications• Today with the convergence of computers and digital communication this old model of a single large computer is replaced by a large number of separate but interconnected computers that are easy to access. This interconnection of independent systems is called computer network.• Ex: exchanging emails, file transfer, remote login, accessing information over websites, Internet telephony, videoconferencing, multimedia, e- commerce, e-learning, e-banking and so on.
  5. 5. Convergence and Multimedia• The convergence of content with computers and digital communication has resulted in the emergence of multimedia. It is the mixing of different media on a computer screen in a form with which the user can communicate interactively. The different types of media that can be mixed are text, sound, graphics, animation and video.• Two people of different part of the world can play the game against each other via internet.
  6. 6. Convergence of 3Cs Over Mobile• Today the mobile phone users are demanding to get more data and even video on the cellular mobile telephone. The convergence of 3Cs over mobile has been made possible by what is called 3G or the Third Generation wireless system.• GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is the first move towards implementing 3G networks.• Bluetooth is a new dimension in wireless communication to connect spontaneously to each other without wires.
  7. 7. Major Value Added Services• Email• Internet access over cable• E-commerce• E-learning• E-governance• E-banking• Radio and television broadcast over Internet• Videoconferencing using Internet• Internet telephony with live video• Voice based navigation by GPS (Global Positioning System) device in cars.
  8. 8. Security Issues because of convergence• With Internet becoming the backbone of activities, issues of protecting information has become critical. Some of the technologies deployed for security are:• Employing various layers of security• Cryptography• Access-control• Activating firewalls• Installing secure web servers• Measures to provide legal protecting to electronic transactions: digital signature, digital certificates, stringent cyber laws
  9. 9. Emerging Trends Because of 3Cs Convergence• Real time navigation• Tele-medicine• Tele geoprocessing application• Crisis management applications• Virtual laboratory