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History of social dimension of education


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know one of the six social dimensions of education which is the history

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History of social dimension of education

  2. 2. Will it make any significant difference for the present life if no remembrance of important social events of the past is done at all?
  3. 3. HISTORY (technical form) tackles the matter of how past records are embodied in historical narratives. (narratives) factual or inferential about: Personalities Ideas Events Places
  4. 4. acclaimed for their importance in the sense of being: Heroic Extraordinary Exemplary with respect to achieving vital social goals and of being pivotal, a turning point, earthshaking, or golden in impact with respect to solving perennial social problems and paradoxes.
  5. 5. HISTORICAL PURPOSES OF NARRATIVES Verification Authentication Analysis Corroboration Interpretation
  6. 6. VERIFICATION Act of ascertaining the truth of existing records, origins, occurrences, or sources of data
  7. 7. AUTHENTICATION Act of determining the originality or genuineness of documents, objects, or even personalities by certain criteria and supporting materials
  8. 8. AUTHENTICATION Requires the skill of analysis in which understanding is obtained by investigating the elements of a whole in their separate conditions
  9. 9. Evidences in terms of artifacts, records, or witnesses are examined when presented as proof of truth claims. Once authenticated, the artifacts or documents are ready to be used for corroboration purposes.
  10. 10. CORROBORATION Act of reinforcing a confirmation or other proofs of a given claim
  11. 11. For a brief conception of the social functions of history, HISTORY provides remembrance/immortalize a person, idea, place or event that is considered socially significant or that has changed or raise the communal life. ***
  12. 12. In terms of the social aspects of history, it is concerned with the sense of sociality that starts with the past with respect to an event, a personality, an idea or a place that deserves to be remembered/immortalize due to its beneficial and enduring impact on the community.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION In short, ideas in the past can be applied in the present. If you made a mistake in the past, you can make it right in the present for better results.
  14. 14. CONCLUSION History started it all. Without all the things in the past, we will never be what we are today and we will never experience the success we have right now.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION “We are what we are today because you, our elders (past/history), have made us this way.” ~from “Are We Stupid”