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Governance 2 students copy


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Governance 2 students copy

  1. 1. Term 1 Week 1Governance in Singapore (Part 2) 1
  2. 2. Recap! ★ Nation vs. State e.g. e.g. NationPalestine; common State Singapore(?); Tibet identity self-governing Hong Kong; among political entities its people Vatican City Nation-States e.g. Japan; France; Germany 2
  3. 3. Recap!★ Role of a government • Establish a stable government • Nation- building • Meeting the needs of its people • Maintain sovereignty★ System of governance • Legislative • Executive • Judiciary 3
  4. 4. Lesson Objectives✦ Singapore’s FOUR guiding principles of governance • Leadership: ‘Leadership is Key’ • Forward-Looking: ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’ • Meritocracy: ‘Reward for work and Work for Reward’ • Inclusiveness: ‘A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All’ 4
  5. 5. Leadership: ‘Leadership is Key’✴Leaders must be... • Honest/ incorrupt/ morally upright • have the integrity to do what is right • win the trust and respect of Singaporeans • Capable • maintain stability in the government • do what is right and not what is popular with the people 5
  6. 6. Leadership: ‘Leadership is Key’✴ Careful selection and special grooming of potential leaders✴ Examples • Ong Teng Cheong, who was persuaded by Lee Kuan Yew to join the PAP in 1976 • Liu Thai Ker, former chairman of the National Arts Council • Helped the Singapore arts scene to progress as he provided more opportunities for local talent to participate in international collaborations and co- productions, such as the Singapore’s Writer’s Festival and Singapore Arts Festival 6
  7. 7. Ong Teng Cheong, 5th President of Singapore Singapore’s Arts Singapore’s (1993- 1999 Festival, Writers Festival, 2010 2011 7
  8. 8. Forward-Looking: ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’✴ Need to be forward looking in order to make decisions in anticipation of future challenges✴ Example 1: NEWater • Lack of water resources in Singapore + Singapore’s water agreement with Malaysia ending in 2061 --> Need to ensure self- sufficiency in water supply • Creation of NEWater and desalinated water 8
  9. 9. Forward-Looking: ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’• Example 2: Integrated Resorts • Singapore’s dependency on tourism + Competition from neighbouring countries --> Need to improve tourist industry • Building of IRs at Marina Bay and Sentosa from 2005 9
  10. 10. Forward-Looking: ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’ 10
  11. 11. Forward-Looking: ‘Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant’• Example 3: Creating a culture that is open to risk- taking • Openness to new ideas • Willingness to take risks • Providing opportunities for students to stretch their creativity potential, such as the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Competition • Ensures that Singaporeans constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills so that they can contribute to the country’s economic growth 11
  12. 12. Meritocracy: ‘Reward for Work and Work for Reward’✴ Rewarding of hard work and talent so that people are encouraged to do well✴ Helps to give everybody in society an equal opportunity to achieve their best, regardless of race, religion or socio-economic background 12
  13. 13. Meritocracy: ‘Reward for Work and Work for Reward’✴ Examples • Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursary Schemes to reward the top 10% and 25% of students in schools respectively • Annual ‘Grow and Share’ Progress Package in which surplus from Singapore’s growth shared among as Singaporeans as a form of reward for their hard work 13
  14. 14. Inclusiveness: ‘A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All’✴ Giving Singaporeans a say in decision-making✴ Helps to develop a greater sense of belonging to the country✴ Some avenues for feedback include: • Straits’ Times Forum Page • REACH ( • Meet-the-MP Sessions 14
  15. 15. Inclusiveness: ‘A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All’✴ Example: Issue of casinos in IRs • Government consulted Singaporeans on the issue • Singaporeans voiced their concerns • Government decided to go ahead with the setting up of casinos in the IRs, but promised to impose stringent social safeguards for the casinos 15
  16. 16. National Council on Problem Gambling Problem Gambling Forum 2012Question:*The*government*not*only*went*ahead*with*the*idea*of*having*a*casino*despite*negative*public*feedback;*it*even*proposed*two*Integrated*Resorts*with*casinos.*Does*this*mean*that*it*is*even*pointless*for*the*public*to*provide*feedback*to*the*government? * 16