Dragons n snakes vs Pandas n ladders


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Life is surely more than a game


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Dragons n snakes vs Pandas n ladders

  1. 1.  熊猫 - 男人的象征 Panda – a symbol of man 五个爪龙 - 天子的象征 Five claw Dragon – a symbol of the Son of Heaven 梯子 - 象征着天上的绘图球员 Ladder – a symbol of Heaven drawing players 蛇 - 一个绘制玩家地狱的象征 Snakes - a symbol of drawing players to hell 游戏棒 - 游戏为主题的权力和唯物主义 Game Sticks – the theme of power & materialism 蛇与梯子 - 奖励良好和惩治邪恶为主题的游戏 Snakes & Ladders - a game themed on rewarding good and punishing evil
  2. 2.  “ 我清楚地知道全能的上帝,世人的人,他​​的方 式不属于男子走甚至指示他的脚步。” 耶利米书10:23 I well know Almighty God, that to earthling man his way does not belong to man, who is walking even to direct his step. Jeremiah 10:23
  3. 3.  Climbing to POWER 攀登到权力 Accumulating WEALTH 积累财富 WINNERS and losers 赢家和输家 Are these REALLY the WAYS we teach ? 这些真的,我们教的途径?