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China’s latitude obligation


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Published in: Education
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China’s latitude obligation

  1. 1. *China’s Latitude Obligation 中国的纬度义务
  2. 2. * Not latitude, as in scope of freedom of action * 纬度并不意味着行动的自由范围 * Latitude, as in degrees North or South of the equator * 北纬度赤道以北或南
  3. 3. *
  4. 4. * I had researched what had already begun happening in Vancouver and felt obliged to tell them. 我研究过什么已经开始发生在温哥华,觉得有必要告诉他们。
  5. 5. * Should China perhaps have already thought of this, when they began globalizing their Garden Art? 应中国也许已经想到了这一 点,当他们开始全球化的园 林艺术?
  6. 6. *I guess Time will tell 我想时间会 证明一切