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CC22 China's Cultural Catch 22


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Keeping on the right side of Cultural preservation

Published in: Education
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CC22 China's Cultural Catch 22

  1. 1. CC22中国夹缝二十二What is the Cultural Catch 22 for CHINA ?什么是中国文化赶上22?
  2. 2. Keeping on theright side ofCulturalpreservation保持在右侧的文化保存
  3. 3. How easy it is for things ancient to bechanged: 它是多么容易改变的事情古
  4. 4. Yet, how easy it is to stick tothings taught from the past. 这是很容易守住过去
  5. 5. Never allow the past to be overshadowed. 不要让过去被掩盖。
  6. 6. Perhaps you can afford tolaugh at me now. 也许你能负担得起现在笑我。The future will reveal the pasterrors. 未来将揭示过去的错误。
  7. 7. Maintain your culturepure, CHINA.保持你的文化纯,中国。