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BRANDING literati Garden Art of China


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Published in: Education
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BRANDING literati Garden Art of China

  1. 1. BRANDING literati garden art of China 品牌中国文人园林艺术
  2. 2. WELCOME to the scene, I live and breathe. 欢迎来到这个地方, 我的生活和呼吸。
  3. 3. An ancient frontier, revisited. 一个古老的前沿,重新审查。
  4. 4. The viewpoint of a conscientious professional. 认真专业的角度来看。
  5. 5. BRANDS begin as commodities; Once built, they get handed from their founder [China] to marketers ( Western Sister Cities ). Who in turn, need to become great brand managers and respect the founder. 品牌开始作为商品; 一旦建成,其创始人[中国]委托他们营销(西友好城市)。 谁反过来,需要成为伟大的品牌经理,显示出公司创始人当之 无愧的尊重。
  6. 6. BY EXAMPLE: Dunedin is a city populated by 126,000 compared to Shanghai, a city with 14,350,000 people. 举例:达尼丁是一个城市的人口由126000相比,上海,1435万人口 的城市。
  7. 7. WINNING the real love, respect and trust of Shanghai [ with their BRAND ] requires Dunedin to prove they value their CULTURE too; through sincere effort to genuinely represent it. 为了赢得上海真实的爱,尊重和信任[用自己的 品牌]要求达尼丁,以证明他们看重他们的文化 也;通过真诚的努力,真正代表它。
  8. 8. DUNEDIN needs to humble itself by telling Shanghai that it needs their help, to add realism and life to the Dunedin Chinese Garden; in order to BRAND it as a literati garden of China, with an operative scholar studio. 达尼丁需要谦卑,并要求上海,它需 要他们的帮助,增添生活和现实,在 达尼丁中国花园; 为了通过展示演播室的学者向公众兑 现的品牌,中国的文人园林。
  9. 9. The Dunedin Chinese Garden aesthetics are maturing, after 7 years of existence; it is now time to embody, embrace and express the essence of China’s literati garden art BRAND. 达尼丁中国花园美学日趋完善,经过7年的存在; 现在是时候来体现,拥抱,表达中国的文人园林艺术品牌的精 髓。