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Beauteous Chinese lodgings deserve a study


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Without a love of what took place in the past;
without proper study,
China's garden Art is neglected and we are nothing.

Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Beauteous Chinese lodgings deserve a study

  1. 1. 媄住所值得研究Beauteous lodgings deserve a study
  2. 2. Earned or Learned “ We are all imperfect and ought not to incline our thoughts to derision or polite indifference; rather we should seek to learn and bring our actions into harmony with the past.” “我们都是不完善的,不 应该倾向于我们的想法, 嘲笑或礼貌的冷漠; 相反,我们应该努力学 习和带入和谐与过去我 们的行动。“
  3. 3. Modernity must be very carefullyconsidered现代性,必须非常仔细地考虑
  4. 4. It’s a long way back, if one gets it wrong………这是一个很长的路要走,如果得到它错了.........
  5. 5. 不要让自己被诬陷或模糊Do not get framed or blurred
  6. 6. 你有什么特别想确认?What are You especially known for ?
  7. 7. “ If You have the gift of prophesying andare acquainted with all the sacred secrets;and all the knowledge and if You have allthe faith, so as to transplant mountains,but do not have love….You are nothing.”1 Corinthians 13:2“如果你有礼物的预言,并熟悉所有的神圣秘密;和所有的知识,如果你有所有的信心,从而为移植山脉,但没有爱....你什么也不是。“1哥林多前书13:2