Higher Education Capabilities 8.10.09


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Higher Education Capabilities 8.10.09

  1. 1. Marketing is Everything. Well Almost. The Marketing Collaborative Cathy Rubino Hines Founder, Strategic Director August 10, 2009
  2. 2. Cathy Rubino Hines • Marketing is about finding solutions, developing unique ideas – that starts with investigation…and ends with vision. • Whatever the marketing challenge, marketing tools when systematically applied, get to the heart of the situation, provide insight, and the solution. • Uncovering the opportunities through marketing analytics, 1:1 interviews, research, competitive analysis…digging until we find the approach that’s right for each marketing challenge. • Articulating points of difference that are meaningful to the target audience is critical – sounds easy but….. Our solutions are always with an eye toward meeting your institution’s objectives, there’s simply no other way.
  3. 3. Cathy Rubino Hines • 20+ years working with: – Healthcare – Higher education – Non-profit organizations – Consumer and Business-to-Business – Technology, financial products/services • Associate Marketing Director at University of Rochester Medical Center • VP, Account Director at Cognitive Marketing • Account Supervisor at Buck & Pulleyn
  4. 4. The Marketing Collaborative • Business model is based on creating a virtual marketing communications team for you. • It leverages the expertise of senior level professionals who join forces to bring the best possible solutions • A variety of working relationships based on your evolving needs • The result: We become an extension of your institution’s marketing communications team – one that you can count on.
  5. 5. Experience in higher education • The Harley School – Branding, Advertising, Admissions • Salem Academy – Branding, Internal Communications, Advertising • Salem College – Branding , Internal Communications, Advertising • Wells College -- Admissions • St. John Fisher College – Branding, Advertising • Nazareth College – Branding, Admissions, Development • University of Rochester – Branding & Identity • Hudson Valley Community College – Website development with Cognitive Marketing
  6. 6. Social Media – A Strategic Approach  Our goal is to provide a strategic plan that integrates the appropriate social media platforms into your marketing mix. It starts with a definition of objectives and the market situation. Content of the plan includes:  Situation Analysis  Marketing objectives  Define goals specifically for each social media platform  Competitive Analysis & Best Practices in social media  Trend analysis  Recommendations  Social Media Strategy  Approach  Key messages  Budget
  7. 7. Case Histories
  8. 8. Lakeside Health System This new advertising campaign is designed to communicate the differentiating brand attributes of Lakeside to its community. There have been numerous improvements made to the health system including those to quality of care and the addition of new physicians like Dr. Steve Wolfe, Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine. The campaign highlights their approach to health care as well as their door to exit time. Who has ever been out of the emergency department in 94 minutes?
  9. 9. Rochester General Medical Group Allergy /Immunology Rheumatology This advertising campaign seeks to capitalize on consumers’ proactive nature to seek out specialty care for their allergy symptoms. This direct to consumer campaign promotes the practices’ three convenient locations and expertise as many allergy sufferers use over the counter remedies or may possibly need shots, but don’t want to interrupt their day.
  10. 10. The high tech of healthcare
  11. 11. Strong Heart & Vascular Center • The primary objective was to build Strong’s cardiology practices and referrals to the hospital by positioning the SH&VC in the minds of consumers • The challenge: How to add the human touch to the high tech of heart care at the SH&VC. • SH&VC was silent in the market which allowed RGH and consumers to define cardiac care at Strong • Competitive situation: – Rochester General had a consistent marketing presence -- the “No. 1 Heart Hospital” – RGH remains the perceptual leader for heart care
  12. 12. Target Audience – Consumers • Followers: those who do not question a referral or advice from their primary care physician or cardiologist • Our primary target: Pro-active consumers who are actively involved in their healthcare and/or those of their loved ones. This is a growing segment as more educated Baby Boomers take charge of their health and their loved ones and have access to dramatically improved healthcare information on the Internet. • Demographics: Women 50+ – They and/or the people they love are either at risk for heart disease or already showing signs
  13. 13. Strong Heart & Vascular Center Print Ad Campaign
  14. 14. Strong Heart & Vascular Center Airport Colorama
  15. 15. Strong Heart & Vascular Center Patient stories tested as the most believable form of communication for URMC. Along with traditional advertising, the cost-per-click program improved traffic to the website. www.MyStrongHeart.com
  16. 16. Dr. videos on MyStrongHeart.com brings physicians to life for proactive consumers and caregivers who want to make informed decisions.
  17. 17. Marketing Collaborative Client List • Rochester General Hospital • Rochester General Medical Group – Rochester Allergy Group • Lakeside Health System – Advertising – Website – Direct Marketing – Internet Marketing • Cognitive Marketing – Hudson Valley Community College
  18. 18. Marketing Communications Services
  19. 19. Comprehensive Marketing Mix • Marketing Planning – Strategic process that incorporates analytics, interviews, analysis, and recommendations.  Advertising  Direct Marketing  Promotions and Event Marketing  Public Relations  Internet Marketing  Social media planning and implementation  Web site design and execution, ecommerce solutions, custom on-line applications, email marketing, internet advertising, and more...  Identity Development  Corporate identity systems and product logo development  Print Media  Marketing support materials, product catalogs, brochures, sales materials, trade show support  Multi-media Development  Flash animation & application development, PowerPoint presentation templates and stand-alone multi-media interactive CD-ROMs
  20. 20. Marketing Planning • Starts with analytics including a look at the existing data and identifying future trends. • Building a SWOT Analysis identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. • Competitive Analysis including programmatic and marketing related issues. • Final plan includes recommendations and a blueprint for marketing activities over the next 12 – 18 months.
  21. 21. Marketing Plan Details • Situation analysis – Demographics – Financial contribution and impact • Market share and volume assessment • Trend and Impact Analysis • Competitive Analysis & Best Practices • SWOT Analysis • Marketing Goals • Recommendations – opportunities for growth • Marketing Strategy, key messages • Budget
  22. 22. Communications Audit • Evaluation of your marketing initiatives undertaken in the past year; obtain results (anecdotal and measurable) • Identify key messages and brand personality conveyed in these programs • Discuss with key internal audiences their vision for the future of the institution • Outcome: a report that analyzes what you’ve accomplished and initial recommendations for a more effective marketing approach.
  23. 23. Project based solution • You may have the need for an immediate project based solution -- an ad or brochure -- to better convey your services • There may be a specific marketing problem that needs an immediate solution or an event that needs support • No matter the situation we take definitive steps to ensure a positive outcome beginning with a marketing brief: – Description of project/problem/market situation – Measurement of success or expected outcome – Barriers to overcome (including competitive snapshot) – Target audiences, their current and desired mindsets – Key copy points – Reviewed and agreed upon prior to the execution phase • Then we present the solution including creative concepts, if appropriate
  24. 24. Comprehensive Solutions • Establish a clear, compelling brand that differentiates you in the marketplace • This may be for your company or a specific product or service • Involves a thorough understanding of your target audiences and their motivations, the marketing challenges and insight into your brand. It begins with these conversations: – 1:1 interviews with key internal stakeholders – 1:1 interviews with external audiences including clients and prospects – Focus groups or quantitative research when needed • Communications audit, online competitive analysis
  25. 25. Comprehensive Solutions • The outcome: a comprehensive marketing communications plan that includes: – A summary of the market situation, target audiences, competitive landscape, objectives, and value proposition (what are you best at, for whom, and why) – Integrated strategies and tactics such as – Grassroots marketing – Event marketing – Advertising, direct marketing – Promotions and public relations – Internet marketing • A 12-18 month blueprint to reach your objectives within your budget guidelines
  26. 26. Brand Workshops • For those companies that want more consistent, more effective marketing communications programs • Going beyond the service offering to the why behind the sale • It goes beyond your logo and your identity • Includes senior leadership in a series of interactive workshops with marketing team • Preparation includes confidential interviews with customers and prospects by Cathy Hines
  27. 27. Brand Workshops: Outcomes • Creation of your value proposition: what are you best at, for whom, and why • Answers the question: what specific segment of the overall market do you serve best? What is your point of difference that can be leveraged in the market? • The value proposition serves as the foundation that drives all communications moving forward • Further development of your brand personality: – How do you define it? – Where does it sit on the rational/emotional continuum?
  28. 28. Contract solution • Appropriate when an all encompassing approach is required to handle marketing needs on an ongoing basis • Based on a specific time requirement for my marketing services on a monthly basis • Length of contract depends on your needs
  29. 29. Marketing Partners
  30. 30. Marketing Partners • Copywriters • Art Directors – Tom Curtin – Anne Esse – Amy Bown – Kathy Cairo – Cathy Godlewski – Mike Tutino – Walt Thomas – Margo Boehm – Kate Sonnick • Media • Internet Marketing – Patty Carroll, Media – Will Weidman Impressions • Public Relations – Michael Scrivens, Marcom Management Group – Grace Lazzara • Research – Insight Solutions
  31. 31. Thank you