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T&T's Entrepreneurs issue 3


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Meet the barber who turns the hustle into a business and Yfumble

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T&T's Entrepreneurs issue 3

  1. 1. June 2015 Issue #3 Entrepreneurs T&T’s Content:Local | Vision:Global A Byte into brownie Communicationwho turn a hustle into a business Meet the barber in an age of information Selling
  2. 2. “Specialist in Out-of-Home Advertising” 10 Gatacre Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. 1-868-221-6800 | | Together we can rule OUTDOOR
  3. 3. Table of Contents T&T’s Entrepreneurs Magazine Issue #3 , JUNE 2015 6 13 10 Freshmanpreneur Juniorpreneur Seniorpreneur Brownie Communication Master Of Fades 98.1fm 04 Hone Your Skills 09 On The Brink Yfumble 16 Marketing Advertising Practices (MAP) Labour Of Love 18 Sales Selling in an Information Age Nahum Media Ltd are the proud publishers of the T&T’s Entrepreneurs Magazine. Feel free to contact us at (868) 288-0940 or send an email to the editor Publisher Nahum Media Ltd Editor-In-Chief Bridget Baptiste Head Journalist Renell Medina Design & Layout Karthik Ramamurthy Contributors Mical Marketing Up Sell Printed By Nahum Media Ltd. Photography Nahum Media Ltd. 3T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS | June 2015
  4. 4. Hone Your Skills This required ability is aided by some supportive personal attributes, such as confidence, initiative, problem solving and determination, but the basic learning principles must include the following: 1. Satisfaction will come from learning something new every day. This goes hand-in-hand with every entrepreneur’s desire to do things better, and make a real impact on the world. This is a key part of enjoying the journey, as well as the destination. It doesn’t imply any sense of superiority or weakness, but often provides motivation beyond money. 2. Success requires challenging assumptions and status quo. With this principle, real entrepreneurs start with a conviction that new learning will reveal flaws in existing models, leading to new opportunities. The Internet is the source of data for alternative views, and social media allows direct customer interactions to test these views. 3. Learning means understanding, far beyond memorization. Great entrepreneurs strive to understand the depth of a customer need, rather than just the ability to recite a longer list of features. Technologies are not solutions, but understanding a technology, in the context of a customer need, will result in more competitive and long-lasting solutions. 4. The act of communicating and writing enhances learning. The process of documenting what you think you know in a business plan, for the team and for investors, solidifies your own understanding of your new business. With that learning, you are able to more effectively share and market your solution to customers and business partners. 5. Building a new business is not rocket science. Growing a business is understanding the needs and thoughts of regular people and simple financial transactions, not some complex technology that you might assume you can never learn. With the Internet, you can see all you need explained in a dozen ways in text, videos, pictures, and podcasts. 6. Learning is nothing more than looking outside the box. Extending your knowledge is like dealing with competitors—if you aren’t extending your comfort zone, you are losing ground. With the Internet, you can quickly test your new business concepts, with crowd funding and social media, and get quick feedback from around the world at low cost. 7. Relationships are a test of your learning readiness. Building a new business today is all about building relationships with your customers and your team. As an entrepreneur with a new startup, you are the brand, and customers today expect a relationship. In addition, you always need relationships with advisors, investors, influencers, and peers. 8. Proactively ask for help and anticipate the need to pivot. With the Internet, you can ask for help from normally inaccessible experts, with minimum personal exposure and cost. It’s easy to see how often others have made changes, so your own learning and associated pivots shouldneverbeanembarrassment. Avoid the arrogance trap. No one is too old to learn new things as an entrepreneur, whether you are just out of school at twenty, or just finished your first career at sixty. If you follow the principles outlined here, and take advantage of the pervasiveness of the Internet, you too can be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. A failed startup is the harshest learning lesson of all, and we don’t need any more of these. A spiring entrepreneurs who rely only on traditional learning vehicles (teachers, classrooms, and risk-free practice) are doomed to failure in founding a startup today. Either they are never really ready to start, study an opportunity until it has passed, or fail with tools and techniques from a bygone business era. The Internet and the current information wave have changed everything. Being a successful entrepreneur these days requires a current insight to a myriad of issues, including many that haven’t yet been integrated into the traditional academic learning vehicles of textbooks and professors. The Internet is both the problem, by facilitating constant change, and the solution, by providing an absolutely current view of customers, trends and best practices. The challenge is to find the time and initiative to keep up with the information wave, and be able to curate the data into knowledge that must be learned, unlearned or relearned. It requires an attitude of self-education, versus an assumption that someone else will provide the education. For entrepreneurs, change is the norm, so you have to relish it before you can make it happen. 4 June 2015 | T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS
  5. 5. Persistence is key Freshmanpreneur We are made to persist, that’s how we find out who we are. “ “Tobias Wolff Melinda Right 6 June 2015 | T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS
  6. 6. If there is one life lesson that runs through and true Natasha Brown’s life, it is that hard work and persistence are rewarded with success. Her persistence and drive has birthed Brownie Communication- a communications company making its mark on the communicative landscape. The communications guru did not always have it easy, however, as with most things the start to her success was not a smoothly, paved road. Brown, in a phone interview said, “Well I am Natasha Brown the founder Brownie Communication Concepts, which provides communication solutions to small and growing start-ups or business enterprises. The reason I am focusing on small and growing enterprises is because I really found that there was a lack of interest by the bigger organizations in what these small companies are doing. There was a lack of exchange. If you’re a big communications company you would not know the small man on the ground. Likewise the small man on the ground would not be able to access your time or attention and resources if you are too big in communications and that is where I come in. I am providing that answer,” she said “I am the interlink between the small man and the man who needs communication services for his business whether it is media relations, marketing, if you need writing a frequent presence on social media, Twitter, Facebook, that kind of stuff...if you need regular content. I will work with you to get it out there.” The small but creative communications company began out of, what Brown termed, necessity. In 2013, she said, the business that Brown once worked for closed down and stopped operations. At the time Brown was working on her final paper for a MA in Media, Communications and Public Relations from the University of Leicester. She was working steadily toward the goal of obtaining the MA and, “really had no interest in getting into a business enterprise but whenever my friends had work they would always present it to me.” A friend, who owns a television studio, asked Brown to write some scripts for the station. Although, not widely known in the freelance world, Brown’s client base base grew, doing jobs for different companies. In 2014, she got a small contract, which too ended, but her resume began making the media rounds through the University of the West Indies (UWI) Alumni Association- Brown is also the holder of a BA in Media and Communications from the UWI. The then UWI Alumni president contacted Brown and asked her to assist him with his church-based organization in Chaguanas. Brown made the trips to Chagaunas to assist. Although the organization was unable, to pay much, Brown said she was grateful for the work and readily accepted it. She then began seeing the need for it to have constant communication work done. Brown then realized that she could be the one to step in and provide the work needed, under her own name and brand. That was the genesis of Brownie Communication Concepts. “Right then and there, I decided I am going to parlay this into a business,” she recalled. She was also uncertain, at the time, as to when she would return to full time employment and she wanted the ownership and pride that comes with having something uniquely one’s own. Having had two contracts end, leaving her in a state of uncertainty, Brown was convinced that starting her own was the way to go. “While I knew entrepreneurship would take its toll on me and time and effort, it had the promise of stability,” she said. And so the process of building and creating Brownie, communications began. In the middle of 2014, the name search began at the Ministry of Legal Affairs, then its registration. As for how the company got its name, she said, “All I knew I was called Brownie a lot. I would see friends and when I got emails from my boss, it would start with Brownie I need you to do this.” “I did not know why it stuck with people so much and so I said I needed to do something with this,” she added. When she solicited the advise of friends on what she should call her company, Brown said to her friends all I have is Brownie but they told her to run with it and make it her signature. Another friend, whom she described as a great designer, came up with the logo. Brown surmounted uncertainty and doubt to get the young company going. She wondered, as well, how would the company stand against larger industry names, such as Mango Media and others, but with persistence and faith, she overcame these and began building her company. “I started reading this marketing book and it said focus on your own brand identity and focus on your own promise, so if my promise is to the small and medium enterprises and start- ups that would be my focus,” she said. Although Brown is yet to see much financial return on her investment, she remains committed and focused, knowing that it all takes time. She is prepared for her time, for that time when Brownie Communication Concepts puts its stamp on the world. Until then, she plugs on in the communication field, slowly building her name. When asked what advice she would offer to other young entrepreneurs, Brown said, “In terms of how difficult it was for me, as a young entrepreneur, of course, you don’t have the necessary insight that the larger players in the game would have so that is why you kind of have to keep at it. Keep reading the books, keep reading the articles. In the communications fields there are so many new developments, daily...I invested in books, I invested in articles and blogs, ensuring I read everyday what is going on in the field...what new apps are out there, new techniques.” Brown, always seeking consistent development attended a conference with NEDCO. “You always have to be aware of what opportunities there are and take advantage of them,” she said. And so if you’re young entrepreneur, looking to put your stamp out there remember, Brownie Communication Concepts is always there to help you. 7T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS | June 2015
  7. 7. On The Brink fumbleKevan Sinanan came out victorious in the “i2i” (Idea to innovation) competition. This competition allows young aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their idea and once it is outstanding it will be brought to reality hence the idea to innovation concept. His idea is basically a device where a light will shine on your key when close to the lock as the sensor will pick it up. He worked alongside i2i for approximately one year but prior to the i2i competition he worked on his own for two years where he used his own funds to pursue his idea. Due to not having financial resources readily available he is still an upcoming entrepreneur as this device will require a considerable amount of time, effort and working meticulously and assiduously for the product to meet his expectations. To achieve this he was able to network and upon networking he found the right people to help him build this device where he lacks the expertise. He noted that this upcoming product would beneficial to everyone including people who are visually impaired as the key will not only light by also vibrate. As an upcoming entrepreneur he is faced with many challenges in his attempts to get the product completed but he lives by the motto “think big, think global”. With the support of his friends and family he hopes to get this project completed in a timely manner solving the problem of fumbling with keys. You know when you just get home from a hard days work, its late, you are extremely tired maybe even hungry then cannot find the correct key for your lock? How much more horrible can your day become? Worry not! Yfumble will take that fumbling stress away from you! Y 9T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS | June 2015
  8. 8. Juniorpreneur 10 June 2015 | T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS
  9. 9. As a young boy growing up Faisal Mohammed known as Fais had an interest in cutting peoples’ hair. This interest led him to cut peoples’ hair that he grew up with in the neighborhood. Having been entrusted by others with their hair, he would do this for free and would not refuse cash if offered. As he became aware of his innate skill in cutting hair he decided to do a basic course in barbering at YTEPP. At the very first class after being able to showcase his talent, the lecturer was in awe of his talent and told him to return at the end of the course as it was unnecessary to come to class with his remarkable skill. As such he became certified officially in 1992. Little did he know the following year would be the year of the beginning of his career? He started his first barber saloon at the corner of Farouk Avenue and El Socorro main Road in 1993. Ten years later Master of Fades was relocated to 1 Mohammed Ville, El Socorro Road, San Juan, in 2014 Master of Fades branch out into selling barber supplies and equipment retail and wholesale he’s also the distributor of the #1 bestselling product internationally named Elegance USA. He promised himself he would be different from every other barber as his aim was to be a professional rather than a hustler. Hence, professionalism was priority for him as he strives to make his clients as comfortable and satisfied as possible. The barbering industry is usually deemed a “hustle” but for Fais it was his life. As a result he had to hold his head high, be confident, strong and remain devoted to what he did. Because of his assiduous demeanor he never really had fears. However, like every entrepreneur he had his fair share of turbulent times. He is a strong believer in sharing knowledge as he is confident to know that his God given talent belongs to only him and no one can take away his uniqueness. His goal is to broaden other peoples’ horizons in the barbering field. His entrusted faith in God and believing in himself and with the willpower and determination he can now sit back and bask in his success. With, his wife support together they have built an empire which holds steadfast to his vision of professionalism. Her unwavering support through the years has helped him tremendously and motivated him to continue fulfilling his dream. Fueling his drive for success were his two beautiful daughters whom he wanted to give the best life possible inspiring him to work harder every day. Apart from barbering, he also takes pleasure in leisure activities such as cycling and spending time with his family. His selflessness, dedication and industriousness led him to become the 1st place winner in The Caribbean nail and beauty trade show at Center of Excellence last year as the only barber supplies booth. He was also interviewed by Skills TNT for being a skilled Barber and was added on their website. As a successful entrepreneur, he has other goals in mind that he hopes to achieve, He currently sells male clothing and accessories at his barber saloon but his long-term goal is to open a barbering school someday. With the right attitude, faith in God and support systems such as family and loyal customers he can take delight today in being a successful entrepreneur as a barber for 24 years who does not hustle but takes his time to do his work scrupulously. Master Of Fades 11T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS | June 2015
  10. 10. LOCATION: Kapok Hotel, St. Clair DATE: Saturday July 25th, 2015 TIME: 5:00pm to 10:00pm TICKETS: All Inclusive Fashion, Live Theatre, Networking & Charity Auction
  11. 11. SEniorpreneur 98.1fmIsaac 98.1FM and the Family Focus Broadcasting Network (FBN) exists today as a result of the one woman’s vision to bring healing to the nation through radio ministry. Dr. Margaret Elcock began ministry while employed at TBC and has since emerged to own her own network the Family Focus Broadcasting Network. The Network shares hope encouragement and support to families locally and internationally and we continue to be a sound voice to the nation. 13T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS | June 2015
  12. 12. Twenty-four years ago, blazing the trail on the Trinidad Broadcasting Network, 95.1FM, with secular music was Margaret Elcock. She was an excellent employee who took pride in her job as an Announcer. Little did she know her life would change drastically. This change occurred when she gave her heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. With this change, she felt it was necessary to resign from that particular program which was associated with secular music. She eventually came off radio for three years as she needed to seek God’s guidance as to His plan and purpose for her life. After three years of being off the air she decided to jump right back into radio as she believed this was her calling. Because she had experience and a good working relationship with the Trinidad Broadcasting Network she began to purchase airtime where she had a program called Sounds Glorious aired on 95.1FM. Although the program did well, she felt the call in her life was to do so much more. She prayed and fasted for three days for the Lord to give her the right name for the station. Down on her knees she sought the face of God to determine what she should do and God answered her prayer placing a vision in her heart. Out of this vision came, the first gospel radio station in Trinidad and Tobago. Equipped with years of experience in the field of radio and a knack for announcing, God used her natural talent for His Glory. Only after those three days He revealed to her the name, I.S.A.A.C “The Promise”. I.S.A.A.C, an acronym for Inspirational, Spirit-led, Anointed, Appointed and Christ-centered. Her desire for this station came out of a need for the nation as we are constantly plagued by murder, rape and suicide, to name a few. She felt the nation needed positivity, prayer and inspiration 24 hours a day and this is the unique aspect of her business. For her, it was less of a business and more of a ministry. Out of this radio ministry came many different programs which she named, such as “Family Focus”, “Kingdom Kids” in which the children can relate to what was being said and taught on the program as it was age appropriate. Other programs include “Youth in Focus” which specifically targets youth. Some other programs include “Men Talk” , “Forever Young”, “Women of Promise” and the programs are geared towards the entire family as it was the first institution created by God. The radio station was doing exceptionally well and this was only because Margaret obeyed the calling of God in her life. She once used her God given talent for worldly reasons until God turned around her life and she was now able to minister to others with that same talent epitomizing the concept of “nothing is impossible with God”. She ran her radio station based on the bible verse Ephesians 4:29 which says “let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth except that which administers grace to the hearers”. With 98.1 being in business for thirteen years, Margaret Elcock was now a successful entrepreneur and can afford to sit back, relax and enjoy life. She enjoys traveling the world, seeing different places and experiencing different cultures. However, these luxuries did not happen overnight. Before she owned her own business she was an employee who started off taking instructions from someone where she gained tremendous experience, however, she always aspired to do more. That aspiration led her to where she is today. After twenty-four years of ministry she is now the President/Founder of the Family Focus Broadcasting Network and the CEO of I.S.A.A.C 98.1. She received a National Award – Chaconia Medal Silver; for religious education and an honorary doctorate from St. Thomas University of Florida. However she faced many challenges one of them being overzealous to do a lot, she wanted to do radio, television and a magazine. . Though this proved to be challenging Margaret Elcock has always picked herself up and pressed forward. She had a vision, a plan and the right people to make God’s vision become a reality. Although we know fear is not of God, we are all human and sometimes we can still be a “doubting Thomas”. Her biggest fears were financial instability, not staying relevant as she was the only gospel station at that time. However, with God’s divine intervention and faith she managed to trust Him and all her fears were cast away. She is absolutely satisfied with her life and her business as she continues to reap the rewards of her labour and obedience to God’s will for her life. Some of her more satisfying moments is the privilege of seeing her workers contented, the growth of the business and feedback from listeners. She pointed out the most touching moment for her was a South African woman who visited Trinidad and testified of how much the station has impacted their lives in South Africa. They listen via the station’s online stream in South Africa. was amazing for Dr. Elcock to receive international feedback, which made her aware of how much of an impact the station has on the lives of people. She has received testimony from listeners in Japan, Australia and even Israel. Now there are two other gospel stations 107.1 and 99.5. In Christianity we are known as one body of Christ therefore Dr. Elcock does not see the other stations as competition but rather is happy for her brothers and sisters in Christ who are ministering to others. Her hope one day is that a Christian conglomerate would be formed which would comprise Christian television programs, newspaper, magazine and radio. Her message is delivered via radio impacting and blessing the lives of many around the world. This however could not have been possible without God first and foremost, and the support of her family. She is also recognizing the support of Covenant Partners, Ministers of the Gospel, Intercessors and Board Members all of whom have made invaluable contributions to the organization. . Always remember “in all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path”. If God has done it for Dr. Margaret Elcock He can and will do it for you! 14 June 2015 | T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS
  13. 13. Marketing Advertising Practices (MAP) LABOUR OF LOVE For the love of it Look at entrepreneurs who had self-made success stories, and chances are that their empires were built upon doing something they loved. Still, the attitude persists today that for your company to grow you have to be “all business” and leave love at the door. Even reading this there are those who may be wondering what love has to do in relation to marketing a business. So just to remind you: Whatever you say, think, feel or do, marketing is mainly about one essential thing — getting people to love what you are offering … love it enough to commit wholeheartedly to it and enough to forsake all others and cleave to it for life. Which business would suffer from people feeling that passionately about your product or service? Odd are none. Now imagine what would happen if they felt the opposite. Get the picture? Producing happiness There are several other ways that doing what you love works long term for the benefit of your business. When you have passion for what you do it does not feel like work, so you end up working harder and being far more productive. This kind of thing is contagious. Happy companies tend to produce happy customers. That’s marketing from inside out and from the ground up. Next, we tend to keep better tabs on what we care about. That means if you truly love your business you will keep a close eye on it every step of the way. You will be always aware of its ups, downs and in-betweens, which will give you a complete understanding of why to move, when to move and in what direction you need to move. After you’ve gained that experience you will find yourself with an uncanny ability to perceive — even predict — market trends. This is an invaluable power to possess. Infinite possibilities Another love-plus is that when your company is aligned with your values it fosters self-esteem. Self-esteem translates into confidence — a mainstay of successful thinking and doing. Finally, all human beings have an innate need to be creative. From the dawn of time to now, people have used whatever was available in the act of creation, whether artistic, scientific, technological, etc. Properly loving something requires being constantly creative. It demands adjustment, flexibility, imagination, innovation, penetration (no pun intended) strength and courage. Apply this attitude and everything else spoken in this article as a company and you will witness infinite possibilities. As the saying goes, “Love makes all things possible.” 1. Do work that matters to you. This means being true to yourself. Great businesses are built on being creative, not being a copycat. By all means stand out from the crowd. 2. Don’t pursue perfectionism. Perfect is usually an idea based on other’s opinions. Aim for precision instead in everything you do. 3. Never forget that there’s good advice and there’s bad advice. Take time to try and tell the difference. 4. When considering information also consider where it is coming from. Do you trust that the source has your best interest at heart and is knowledgeable? 5. If you realise you need expert help in some area, get the help. 6. Exercise all of you: your mind, body, heart. Go walking; always try learning new things; be generous. Everything that stretches you in some tangible way makes you bigger and better. 7. Fail. Yes, fail. If you are not failing you may not be succeeding. Failure shows you’re trying new things. Trying new things is the only way to grow and make meaningful progress. 8. Value time as time. If you value time as money you may never do what does not immediately give returns. You may never take time to dream, imagine, chat, relax, learn: all things that feed your knowledge, experience and creativity — three things no business could get ahead without. 9. Dig deeper. Don’t ask, “How can I get clients?” but, “How can I get quality clients?” Don’t just look at how many Facebook friends you have, but at how many actually benefit you. 10. Learn that clients who don’t respect you are not worth it. Without their weight you will be able to focus on providing quality work to quality clients. I bet each quality client will bring at least one more, who will then bring one more, etc. 11. If you show you have confidence in yourself there’s a better chance clients will develop confidence in you. 12. Use the Internet to effect. Find what will work for you and use that specifically, rather than wasting time, energy and effort on things that will produce no returns. The Internet can be a tool or a loaded weapon. It all depends on how you use it. Different things make different people happy. But if you are an entrepreneur the following steps are likely to help you stay motivated and keep you in love with your business. 16 June 2015 | T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS
  14. 14. W hat do we know by the terminology “Information Age”? How do we define it? What does it mean for us? And where is it taking us? Have you ever really sat down and thought of this? Yes, technology has changed the world - from smartphones to tablets to holograms and drones. We all know that within the last ten years, technology has given us so much more. But if you sit back and think about how this has changed human behavior, you’d realize that so much more has happened. I was speaking with a colleague recently, and I’m sure many of you have had a similar conversation like this before. It went like this; “Mr Havelock, I’m looking to get a new car but I haven’t really decided on my options as yet. I met the Salesmen for 3 different cars but I am just not sure if I feel comfortable moving forward.” Now, mind you, I used to be one of the top 2 car salesmen at one of the local dealerships. “Wayne, what’s keeping you back?” “Well, different people said I should wait and see, wait for model upgrades and/ or the economy to stabilize before I spend more money, but the Salesmen are telling me I should move now. I think I’m going online and read some reviews as well as look at different articles” Well, isn’t that interesting? Before Wayne makes his purchase he decides to go online. What can going online do for him? Equip him with the knowledge he didn’t have previously about other customer experiences, the market and economy, right? Simply put, the Information Age gives the buyers power to make big decisions. The world has changed with technology. Human behavior in the Buying cycle has changed. Selling is a process. Sales are outcomes of that process. I remember using a library and going through encyclopedias for my research, which would sometimes take hours to find my answer. Now, in seconds you can get it by just typing in half of a question or sentence in Google. When was the last time YOU opened an encyclopedia? So, salespeople in today’s world need to change their selling approach. From finding customers to attracting the right customers and from following the old ABC rule of selling (Always be Closing) to using what we now call the 80/20 rule. In his famous book, Best Selling Author Daniel Pink spoke a little bit about this. In fact, he did a presentation right here in Trinidad 2 years ago at Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. He said that the world has changed from the industrialization age to the information age where initially, the Seller was the one who had all the knowledge and was able to convince people to buy. These buyers would have then regretted their purchases which led to buyer’s remorse. This is why the world now has a negative meaning to the word ‘salesman’ whenever it is heard. Like ‘Pushy, sleazy, ugh, eww’, and so on and so on. By having all the information about your company’s product or service at one’s fingertips, the buyer has all the knowledge and can know if a Salesman is genuine or not. So, Sellers beware. The modern-day salesman has a lot more work to do. However, he is also rewarded for his achievements. The information age has significantly equipped the consumer with so much knowledge that in some cases, they know more than a salesman himself. Thus, the consumer is powerful and any salesman who decides that they want to walk with their old school way of selling to this new world customer, better look out, because one Tweet, Facebook post or LinkedIn news travels fast. I’m sure you don’t want to have any negative representations of your company as public as that. So to the New Salespeople out there, to the companies that especially needs the Salesforce, get the right tools, but also with the right training. If you’re a salesperson, go and register for a sales course, if you have a company or manage a team, call in the right people to do some Sales Training sessions today. Familiarize yourself or your people, to work with the informed customer. This action will significantly outweigh telling a salesperson to “just go out there, find new customers and close close close” in your weekly meetings. Adrian N. Havelock CEO/ Business Consultant/ Sales Coach “Selling – It’s Simple Communication” SALES Selling in an Information Age 18 June 2015 | T&T’s ENTREPRENEURS